The Natural Binaural Beats!

I have been familiar with Music of Spheres for more than 15 years and practiced listening to it for over a decade. It’s infinite and Science of recognizing  sounds is infinite too. Great masters like Laotzu, Pythagoras, Rumi, Nanak, Kabir, Jesus, Naamdev have extensively commented about the importance of listening ardently the inner music. I could not progress in the art as swiftly as I should have because of my negative Karma pulling me back. How does it pull you back and what did I learn?

If you are being pulled back by negative Karma you will not be able to make great progress in spiritual endeavors because you will keep committing some error or other which offsets your doing. It’s very subtle and recognition of error means removal of error but to recognize it you might have to go through a gestation period where with your patience and perseverance you burn off the Karma and only then this black layer which was hindering your sight gets removed. Then you can finally see errors of your ways and get aligned to harmony of The Way.  

  Generally simulation is used to help understand the original model. The binaural beats are not exactly a simulation of natural music heard inside our hearts but the simulation analogy can be used here quite effectively. Binaural beats use two different frequencies and you need to use earphones to meditate using them. The frequency you hear is generated by your brain as a result of entrainment and it’s result of difference between two frequencies being heard in two different ears. For example–if you hear a 90 Hz frequency in your right ear and 95 Hz frequency in your left ear–your brain will produce a 5 Hz tone which is the difference between the two frequencies. This frequency falls in the delta range and it soothes your brain and makes you go into deep meditative states like sleep. Similarly you can tune in to different frequency ranges for different effects.

In case of natural sounds heard inside our body–you’ve to cover your ears using fingers or thumbs. Various postures can be used and experimented with. If you have a sound proof chamber it will be great as merely putting earphones into ears will let you hear great range of sounds. In winters, during nights when there is no surrounding noise except buzzing of insects and crickets you can clearly hear inner melodies. If you cover your ears  in silent surroundings and hear nothing it means your inner meridians are clogged and need to be cleared. Either listening to binaural beats, alternate nostril breathing or any other good meditation/clearing technique might be effective in cleansing meridians and letting you hear tinnitus like sound. Sun gazing might also be effective as it directly starts activating your pineal gland.

The natural binaural beats is apt name for Logos. The frequency heard in the left ear is always different from the one heard in the right. The masters advise to hear sounds coming from the right side but in my experience it might prove to be a distraction in itself because sounds from the left are louder when you begin to listen. Some researchers say that our civilization is left hemisphere dominated and it might be reason why sounds from the left channel are so heavy and easily pull your attention. Masters suggest that sounds coming from left pull your attention downwards as they come from lower chakras. The ideal thing to do in my experience is to focus on ‘listening’ rather than focusing on left or right channel. By doing so you will be hearing resultant frequency as happens in case of binaural beats. It will gradually balance both channels and you will find sounds in the right channel gradually becoming louder and they might even become louder than those in the left eventually.

Masters also advise to focus between the eyebrows while listening. This results in accumulation of energy there and thus activates your third eye and then you can see inner light. This is the beginning of journey into inner dimensions. Surati Shabd Yoga masters claim to activate third eye and enable hearing sound at the time of initiation. In my case though, I had been hearing inner sounds for many years before meeting my initiation master and light could also be seen inside though not consistently. At the time of initiation I didn’t have any wonderful experience except feeling a bit light-weight as master said that he had burnt all karmas except those forming circumstances of current life(prarabdha).

The key mistake I had been committing was straining my body. I made it a skirmish between me and my environment. In case of artificial binaural beats you can increase the volume of media player as much as you need to but in case of ‘natural listening’ I never had luxury of complete isolation for long which I craved so genuinely for spiritual enlightenment. My past Karma didn’t give me luxury of noiseless chambers or an attention which was acute. In fact I might have been diagnosed with attention-deficit and multiple personality disorders by modern medicine. I used too much force on my ear covers to isolate myself from external noises and this not only strained ears but also wrists, fingers, arms and whole body. Thus longer I continued  more negative feedback I created. It did result in my Kundalini Awakening when used in tandem with drugs but what a painful awakening it has been–I don’t wish anyone to go through such pain and suffering because awakening can be much more easier. But then again it’s all about Karma and past hindering your current spiritual progress.

The natural binaural beats analogy is an apt technique name for listening inner music because it acts as a gentle reminder to look at how you practice. In case of artificial binaural beats you use earphone and media player and either sit comfortably or lie down on a mat and then you don’t try too hard to focus on sounds. It’s preferred to keep sounds low in volume and if mind gets distracted you bring it back to sounds. Binaural beats are effective that they change your brain waves within 15-20 minutes. If you continue listening for longer you go deeper and gain more relaxation, healing and insights. You may even fall asleep–some lucid dreamers use binaural and other beats for those effects.

Similarly you should be able to relax with natural inner music. If you are straining your wrists, fingers and any other parts of body it’s not going to be an effective meditation. Relaxation is essence of meditation. Only when physical and mental layers are relaxed you can start working on causal layer. Strain in body defeats the very purpose of meditation. If you remember the binaural beats analogy you can gently bring your mind back to listening whenever you catch it wandering but don’t force too hard concentraing on sounds. Like artificial beats the logos has the power to pull your mind in–it can’t run away from the grasp of melodious music provided you have taken care of surroundings and posture etc. Keep taking breaks in between ranging from 1-5 minutes where you relax every muscle of body including fingers, thumbs, arms and ears. It’s true that momentum of sound and energy builds up as you continue to meditate–the longer you meditate more pulling sounds become. Thus a session of 3 hours is more powerful than a session of 2 hours and so on. But you must pay attention to needs of body. Taking a break of 5 minutes twice in a session of 1 hour doesn’t rupture your momentum much and it doesn’t do as much damage as continuing with too much pressure for entire hour despite pain in wrists and fingers does. Surrender meditations don’t have advantage of logos music usually–though energy is allowed to roam freely and works better at healing and nourishment. In case of natural binaural beats as well–if you do it right you will find that energy cleanses all chakras and accumulates at third eye effortlessly. The Yoga of Sound Current is part of Sehaja Yoga which is natural path to liberation–therefore it must be easy and not a struggle every session. I hope it helps you in your practice.                                                                                                             


2 thoughts on “The Natural Binaural Beats!

  1. I used Hemisync that I attribute to playing a part in my awakening. True. And I was “told” (by a higher dimensional aspect of myself) to focus my eyes while close on the center of the brow line so I did and a single eye rose up into and out of my vision. This was the extent of the phenomenon. Imagery of the eye looks tied to a past life in Tibet. I had been practicing a very simple meditationethod that involves moving energy when my head was filled with a blinding white light. It was only seconds, but was enough.

    For me, any struggle I have is not because of kundalini, it’s because of me. I can make it as hard or as easy….The plan has been for me to surrender to it so that it can release the blocked material which you so rightly call karmic material.

    Divine within, it is the within that can release the karma through deeeep forgiveness.

    Check out Dr Hew Lin on YouTube. There is an interview of him and his use of Ho’oponopo in releasing karmic material. It’s on Project Camelot. This method involves forgiveness of self.

    It is beautiful to return from this karma. It is hell to stay in it. I know how hard it can be. I’m working hard every day to make myself available to healing.


    1. Thanks for sharing your views and I would check Dr. Lin’s material. I did read about your third eye experience in your fascinating account of awakening which has been expressed eloquently. I equate evolutionary Kundalini energy with Soul/God/Super-consciousness which is perfect therefore I agree with you that all resistance is ego(me).

      Love and light!



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