Logos As Brainwave Entrainment!

Logos is the cosmic law. The word comes from Greek Lego which means ‘to write.’ The logos is the writ of the cosmos. It’s the inner order of the world. It’s the harmony which  bears all dimensions of the world. There are many words in almost all cultures and religions pointing towards  this innermost core of existence.  It has been said that one who knows the Logos knows the Truth. For sincere seekers it manifests as inner music or energy which in certain contexts is known as serpentine Kundalini energy. Spirit, logos, Kundalini or God are synonymous to each other and since everything in the manifested is expression of logos there are very few words in spirituality indicating divine which aren’t synonyms. Light, love, memory, consciousness, knowledge and harmony are all synonyms of Logos. Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism use terms like Dharma or Dhamma which is usually interpreted to mean righteousness but actually means The Higher Law: Logos. Logos is the higher law as well as higher reason because reason is inherent in the law.  

There have been many branches of spiritual practices in the history of mankind which have directly taken listening to inner music as their main course back to Absolute. In my short life I’ve tried a few approaches and found listening to inner music to be the best and easiest approach. Still, I won’t say it’s the best approach for everyone. You may experiment and find out best approach for yourself. Word or Logos is eternal name of the nameless and it washes away all sins and sorrows. I can keep writing about its importance and it would be like showing a lamp to the Sun.

In this article I want to bring into your attention a nuance of the practice of communion with sound current. I took initiation from a Sound Current master in 2014 but my practices didn’t ripen as well as they should have been. The divine melodies had originated as early as in 2003 inside me and I did sincerely practice communion with sound current in 2006-2007 for long but as karmic forces pulled me away from my regular practices some pain emerged in my life story which had to be dealt with. The store of unspent karmic energies hasn’t been exhausted yet but my earnestness to commune with Logos has certainly become most profound. I have some advise regarding practice which in my humble opinion might help if you’re a beginner or even an advanced seeker.

Robert Monroe invented binaural  beats. You may read about this music and it’s somewhat similar to natural inner music. Listening to binuaral beats of a certain frequency range entrains your body-mind towards specific frequency range you choose. There is a wide range of frequencies from Delta to Beta available for various ends. Robert himself had many Out-of-Body experiences and wrote a book about them. Binaural beats have helped many seekers in modern age. Now Isochronic and monaural beats have also been invented to serve the same goals. This branch is known as Brainwave Entrainment and uses the principle Frequency Following Response .

Frequency following response is a simple principle. Our brainwaves tend to take shape of the frequencies to which they’re mostly exposed to. Brainwaves regulate entire body’s frequency thus regulating them means regulating our system. Seekers who listen to natural inner music also practice brainwave entrainment though they don’t use the name. When our body and mind are exposed to inner harmony of the universe through and through their impurities subside and the beautiful harmony which pervades existence also becomes our dominant frequency of vibration.  The discovery of outer entrainment music must have been inspired by inner music which has been available to seekers and mystics since time immemorial. 

Listeners of logos might try to practice a certain discipline like Surati-Shabd-Yoga where you calm down your mind by chanting first and then concentrating on inner lights. As practice continues many new visions and experiences dawn. The progress in the practice depends on many things. Here I want to talk about a certain simple thing which might play a crucial role in your progress. To practice listening inner sounds you need a calm place and a calm time. Most of us can’t have facilities where we can keep listening them forever. To be honest I have craved for a sound-proof-chamber for almost a decade but my Karma was not as good to allow one for me. Similarly I also craved for some device which would simply seal off my ears to external noises and I would merge into the divine Logos for long periods of time–but that also didn’t happen. Anyway, what happened is–what happens to most of us–instead of waiting for ideal conditions to materialize and waiting forever we compromise with our fate and accept what we have and we try to do our best to sail through. The main problem with my practices was the strain it caused on my body because in various postures–sitting on a chair or lying on a mat I had pain in my wrists and fingers. If I tried to shut my eardrums with force to prevent external sounds from entering there was also pain in them. These have been consistent obstacles. In winter months, which are few here in my part of world the practice flourished as nights were long and you didn’t need fans/coolers or other mechanical devices which create noises. I also craved to have been born in some countries where winters were longer to allow me practice of listening to logos but then again you’ve to make use of what you have. 

The brainwave entrainment using binaural beats was almost labourless when compared to listening of logos. You put earplugs into ear and play desired frequency. You simply sit into a relaxed posture or lie down. Even if you fall asleep they work–in fact many people practicing lucid dreaming or out-of-body experiences fall asleep with them. When I heard Baba Faqirchand who was a master of Surati Shabd Yoga exhorting his listeners about putting too much strain on their body in place of following an easy way I understood it. I’ve been getting its glimpse and practicing for a while before I lost sight of it. It has been case with many knacks in my life–call it force of Karma or destiny–when they come around again in my life I have a better company with them. Thus I did practice ‘easy’ before but mostly forgot it. Now it seemed I wanted to listen the most divine music by shutting off external noises altogether and it meant using much force on ears, wrists and fingers and it exhausted me greatly. It’s obvious that such strain can’t let you be easy and entire purpose of meditation is defeated. The meditation on sound vibrations can be practiced for prolonged duration only when your posture is easy and music is flowing effectively. Then you will not have perception of time. Here, I use analogy of binaural beats entrainment–if you could be as easy as when you listen those beats–in your practice of listening to inner music it will advance you rapidly on your course for you will be able to meditate longer and deeper. With binaural beats you don’t bother about external noises because you can enhance volume of the media player but with logos you need to focus a bit but afterwards it also behaves like beats and even if you fall asleep it’s alright. Cleansing of subtle channels which carry energy results in refined sounds–living a balanced life results in having access to melodies which naturally attract mind and absorb it. As with anything else, practice makes you better in listening to sound current. If you keep in mind analogy of binaural wave entrainment and don’t forget to relax your body during practice your advancement will be most harmonious. 


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