The Necessity of Inner Work!

There have been a lot of events which are synchronicity lately. Today morning as I was sitting with my brother on roof, watching rising Sun, I told him how spacecrafts(some call them UFOs but since I’ve clearly identified them as spacecrafts I call them so) have  been missing lately on eastern horizon. Immediately after my making this statement I saw a tiny circular object shining with silver light above Sun and I pointed it to my brother as well. It had no trail and it appeared for a while and then disappeared and then it appeared again and then disappeared altogether even without completing its journey from North-East to South-East as most of the spacecrafts I observe in morning do before they disappear from my line-of-sight. This was very synchronistic. In fact it seemed as if they were in the horizon and just heard my talk and made a surprise appearance! My brother said that he senses many of them nearby and he has also seen them during the night.

I’ve been observing these spacecrafts for more than 3-4 months now. Sometimes 3-4 or even 6 of them during a single day but it was more frequent in winter–now harsh Sun doesn’t let me stay much on roof though I want to absorb more light codes sent from Sun. Earlier as I was fragile after my death–disoriented and uncertain–I wondered if it was really spacecrafts or planes–because we have an airport about 56 kilometers from our location. Now as many months have passed by and I’ve corroborated with couple of young boys that they’re not planes because they don’t follow the direction where airport is–I am more convinced that I’ve really been watching spacecrafts. Most convincing proofs have been circular shining objects which appear out of nowhere and disappear suddenly unlike trail blazing crafts.

Other than spacecrafts there’s something which I showed my brother. It’s steam going out from the top of my skull. As we sit facing walls when Sunlight is enough to let our vivid shadows get created we can observe constant stream of steam going upwards or sideways depending on the wind movement. Earlier I was scared as I witnessed it in winters because too many scary things were happening back then and until now I didn’t show it to anyone. But now I can observe it on my head’s shadow as well as on the skull of shadow of my brother too. This is not something huge because we all know our body emits water vapors as they go up in our environment. Earlier I thought I was watching ‘chi’–life force energy moving up from my skull but it was not that because it got affected by the air–chi shouldn’t get affected by air I suppose but I might be wrong too. Interestingly we can’t see it in normal view on top of other person’s head but only in the shadow. Practically it doesn’t have much value I suppose, though I hope some of readers might have observed it as well. I can tell a couple of things though: first you need to train your eyes a bit and have to be patiently observant of your shadow formed on wall. Secondly it is more frequent and bulky if I am listening to logos with covered ears and also observing the shadow–simply because increased energy activity in brain makes head heat go up and hence steam content going out increases exponentially. I also want to add a point pertaining to steam coming out from only skull region of shadow–because from rest of the skin vaporization is almost negligent comparatively. I also want to address something related to Sun Yoga. I have been practicing Sun gazing with many advantages which I should report in detail after an year or two–but here is an interesting observation. Science is about understanding and Yoga is science of awakening. Hindus pay oblations to Sun with water in morning and it’s considered to give much success in life as it appeases afflictions in birth chart related to Sun. They feel they are paying respect to father of solar system. In Sun Yoga you are suggested to treat Sun as a friend–you’e as much a conscious co-creator as Sun is and you’re grateful to Sun for the gift of love, light, energy and intelligence it gives to all life in our solar system. You mentally hug Sun and don’t consider it a deity of which you are afraid. This way Sun activates your pineal gland and helps your body create ambrosial nectar like cerebro spinal fluid which creates your light body. In this scheme of things my observation on shadow emitting steam suggests that we’re in equilibrium with environment twenty four by seven and we already offer oblations to Sun because all vaporized water like water vaporized from other water bodies goes to Sun. Therefore, there is no need to specifically offer water to Sun–though I don’t hinder anyone who wants to continue to do so. These observations on shadow I call Shadow Yoga.            

Yesterday I was watching a documentary on Near Death Experiences based on the work of Dr. Raymond Moody Jr. These interest me greatly as I eagerly await my final departure from this plane of existence. Yesterday as I opened a book which I drawn out from my old bag of books and started reading a discourse by my initiation master Rajinder singh ji on Surat-Shabd-Yoga I was surprised to find him quoting Dr. Raymond Moody’s work! Such synchronicity is commonplace in my everyday existence now.

Another  good experiment I’ve demonstrated to my brother is fire to wind dissolution in open spaces. He concurred on my findings and even he could do what I could. I have been testing them for more than 3-4 months now. It might seem surprising to some but I have nothing to sell here and you can keep experimenting in your own environment if you’re so inclined. Meditation on sound current(logos)–when practiced in open spaces with observance of sky–you can see ‘bursts of sparks’–you can see zero point energy as well as tiny dots of light bursting in abundance–higher the frequency of vibration rises as you continue to listen these sounds–the more these spark bursts in your environment. What happens next is–wind starts blowing around you. If you stop listening the wind stops. But if you keep listening for enough long and there is plenty of heat in environment you might trigger a windstorm and it might take some time to stop. I have repeatedly tested it again and again. Even created clouds and dispersed them but I’ve been careful in publishing my accounts for many reasons. The first reason is–this doesn’t help many people in awakening-in fact if they get busy creating windstorms they might stop concentrating fully on logos–thereby stopping their expansion into higher dimensions. Secondly I am not inclined to waste my time and energy in demonstrating something miraculous but kind of useless to people who are not sincerely interested in inner work. Fire-to-wind dissolution is a death dissolution as per The Tibetan Book of The Dead when individuating wisdom of desire faints and element fire dissolves into the wind–it’s the third dissolution in death and as fire dissolves into wind–the wind must increase into the environment—which is but extension of yourself. All drops collect into your central channel. I showed the wind formation to my brother and even he could create these.

   Two-three people came from the mystery school inquiring why I suddenly stopped visiting them. I remained polite and asked them about the supernatural phenomena I had observed in their company–none of them told me anything and kept pretending to be normal. One explanation is–I was under the Mooth magical spell as I noticed all the weird as well as miraculous things from November 2016 till January 2017. And even those mystery school people like my parents, friends and relatives are truthful because they know nothing about it. Now I can communicate ‘normally’ with most people—which is–I interpret things as I used to do before November 2016–but I am not the same person and life is not the same and my day-to-day choices aren’t the same. I am still healing myself by help of logos. I kept nine-day long fast which I had to break on the eighth day because of superabundance of vibrations which were too much for my system.

I take full responsibility of my past, present and future now because whatever I had to undergo it was because I carried seeds of those experiences inside me. I am one of infinite souls undergoing evolution and we are all at some stage whether we are aware or not. I have been hasty and often impatient. I took dawns for noons and often considered myself to be equal to sages whose work I merely intellectually understood. It has been more than 5 years of conscious work on awakening and a life time of deep longing to transcend because I never truly belonged here. But some people have their past life’s work with them and some others are more diligent. I hadn’t overcome all my inner demons before I got an idea that I needed to ‘do nothing’ to wake up anymore. This idea proved fatal because I succumbed to marijuana again and though I could move Sun and two digital clocks alternatively thereby transcending time–I had to face entities which made my life hell for a while. I was not prepared and for a significant amount of time I had stopped listening to logos. In such a time I became host to receive black magic attacks which were done on my family. All lines of causation are still not clear but there are way too many mysteries in my life some of which might remain unsolved until I die and get panorama view with help of spirit guides.

The most important lesson I learnt in 2016 was to be more careful and diligent in inner work again. I know that with every passing day I am accumulating light with help of logos. I am healing myself, my family DNA pool, my ancestral and humanity DNA pool in the process. Many times I feel like giving up but there is nowhere to go. Nobody will ask me to continue working or stop me from working now. People around me are fulfilling their own destinies. I wait for the forces which created my life story to exhaust. I have been prepared for death for very long time but it didn’t happen completely. In 2012, in 2016, after a period of sickness and bewilderment I ended up in circumstances which were at least ‘physically’ the same–the same family, neighborhood, earth.

I’ve been attending new age and UFO disclosure programs published on internet in 2017. Sun gazing, sincere inner work and being attentive to UFO/new age stuff has been new in 2017 among other things. After a while however it doesn’t remain difficult to be seen that though there have been changes–even substantial changes–as I have observed synchronicity, UFOs and other magical things around me–none of the people who publish on internet have a firm grasp on reality. Most of them seem to be talking about second-hand or third-hand things. Most of them are selling old stuff in new packages and some times unintentionally so because they can’t make sense of all the things going on in their lives(like you and me!). People in USA have been witnessing UFO for many decades and earlier I was uninterested but this year I added it into my interests and yet there seems to be nothing ‘substantial’ happening on surface. If you observe, most of the new age media too seems to be stealing your precious life force energy as if Matrix is controlling both left and right wings of awakening. Since things were happening rapidly in my environment I assumed that UFO disclosure and collective entry of earth into the fifth dimension was imminent–I gave up on news and Youtube after a while because it was senseless and useless ‘hope’ which translated as nothing for me. There were no free gifts and there are no free gifts. Sun, air and water were as free as they are now and inner work remains our own individual responsibility and challenge–because even if all 7 billion people claimed to be in the fifth dimension it will not be your Truth unless you have it. UFO disclosure and all gifts and perks for humanity–like free energy and advanced technology remains like a carrot tied to a stick in front of rabbit as far as general public is considered. I don’t want to spend an ounce of energy expecting something bizarre in future being dependent on sources which merely want to establish their shops–they talk about fifth dimension and exhibit all traits of being third dimensional people. There are factions selling liberation merely for some communities and countries as if economic development and geographic locations were key components making you deserve liberation from third dimension.  I wish you all very best in your inner work and life! Love and light!


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