Reckoning Dark Nights of Soul in Yearly Awakening Cycles

What Are Gandanta Moola Signs?

Gandanta(Gand:knot/anta:end–literally meaning end of a knot) are conjunction constellations–they’re also known as Gandanta Moola nakshatras. There are 12 zodiac signs and there are 6 Gandanta Moola nakshatras. Mula literally means the root. The constellations are subtler divisions than signs–so Gandanta Moola constellations are those portions of signs which fall at the conjunction point or say transition point between two signs. For example–there are two constellations between Scorpio and Sagittarius–Jyestha and Moola. The easy way to remember where Gandanta signs is to realize that Gandanta Moola signs are just before fiery signs begin. Alternatively, Gandanta Moola constellations are immediately after water signs– I mean it’s not like what we feel it should be–that’s every Gandanta Moola sign should be between every two signs–no. It would be more accurate to state that Gandanta Moola constellations fall at the junctions of watery and fiery signs. So there are two Gandanta constellations each at all 3 watery-fiery sign conjunctions. All of these three transitions of Sun in yearly cycles are transitions from Mercury ruled watery constellations to Ketu(south node of Moon) ruled fiery constellations. Sun represents soul, watery constellations represent deep emotions and fire element represents spirit, therefore its movement corresponds with breaking away of old patterns and fresh emergence light during these transitions.

Why at Water-Fire transition?

Because water-fire transition is most sensitive transition. Earth signs are closer to water signs in characteristics and fiery signs are closer to airy signs but water and fire are just opposites. Water suppresses fire. In divine cosmology water gives birth to fire. Water is sensitive and emotional whereas fire is independent and inspiring and represents spirits.

Here are the names and a few details Gandanta Moola Nakshatra: 

1. Revati and Ashwini: Revati is final nakshatra and comes in the sign Pisces (16:40 to 30:00 ) and Ashwini falls in Aries ( 00:00 to 13:19 ). Revati is ruled by Mercury and Ashwini is ruled by Ketu.

2. Ashlesha and Magha: Ashlesha is in the sign Cancer ( 16:40 to 30:00 ) and Magha is in Leo (00:00 to 13:19). Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury whereas Ketu rules Magha

3. Jyestha and Moola: Jyestha is in the sign Scorpio(16:40 to 30:00) while Moola is in the sign Sagittarius(00:00 to 13:19).

The Dark Nights of Soul

I quote this text about spiritual-psychic knots in the subtle body from Yogasara

Brahma Granthi: First knot. It is the lowest knot covering the area of muladhara & svadhisthana chakras. It is also known as perineal knot.

Vishnu Granthi: Second knot. It covers the area between manipura, anahata & vishuddhi chakras. It is also known as the navel knot.

Rudra Granthi: Third knot. It covers the areas of Ajna & Sahasrara chakras. It is also known as forehead knot.

If we want to find out these periods we can do so with the aid of panchangas and softwares which are used for Astrology. I would outline the Gandanta Moola periods for this year–they fall around the same every year, more or less.

Transition 1: Then next Gandanta would be when Sun enters into Revati–Ashvini–which would be the period between March 31, 2017 to April 28, 2017–about 27 days.

Transition 2: Sun entered into Ashlesha around August 3, 2017 and would be in Magha till August, 2017—so this one month’s period is  Gandanta Period.

Transition 3: Similarly the next Dark Night should be calculated to be: When Sun enters into Jyestha–Moola: That would be the period of about one month between Dec 3, 2017 to Dec 29, 2017.


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