Ominous Dreams Which Came To Be True!

May 23, 2016  6:29 AM


Someone does Abhichaar on me. I see the person but my firm faith fails him every time-but later he succeeds & I start seeing lord Shiva’s posters deformed again and again-they’ve some error. This sign is told to me by Chachaji. I am preparing tea for old ladies but that is not enough–I try to listen to word but it doesn’t work–I tell them that the thought that Tantric experiments are being done on me has been  there for long. Gudda is there-so is Rahul. Mooth comes to me many a times but  we were not prepared -so when closing gates it enters & it chants something. I concentrate and it fails-then again it comes & fails again. But later it succeeds-though I pray-I see all Shiva pictures as deformed in some way-strange-this dream is nightmarish -but in it I tell people-how I saw another dream before & I thought grace of Hanuman or Hanuman himself saved me. Is it an Omen or reality?


Abhichaar: black magic

Chachaji: uncle, here in the dream it meant my father’s uncle because we call him like our father does.

Word: Logos or Name or Music of Spheres.

Mooth: A killer black magic entity.

Tantric: left hand path of spirituality/magic.

Guddha/Rahul: My sibling brothers.

Shiva/Hanuman: Hindu gods.

The day before this was full Moon day. I was living in a separate house away from my family in the same city. My mom brought food for me which seemed nectar-some. The day before full Moon day I had a strange dream. I saw lord Hanuman in a dream and his form was explosive. I was scared of some Muslim tantrics and saw that explosive form of Hanuman destroyed all my fears and I also witnessed his gigantic form in epic Treta(Silver) age as depicted in Ramayana. I had never seen such a strange dream before about a deity though I had many other significant dreams related to my awakening before. The next night I had this strange dream written above. It was a very frightening dream. I saw myself trapped amidst a black magic attack in a building and all deity forms of Shiva got        distorted. I was frightened beyond expression and grace of lord Hanuman saved me.

I had another dream after a week which I recorded on 30/05/2016. The transcript goes like this:

05:06 AM

Some astrologer Whom I visit because I was feeling troubled-he gave me some ash & tied two bands on my both arms-he gave me instructions to not touch dust-he was wearing glasses-I told him of suffering I had-he relieved me of suffering-ghosts were chasing me in a premises & I had become suffocated when I found myself there in his company-I told him about our nakshtras & I told him about my suffering and some ash was spent there-some strange dog like creature. A lot of kids-I wanted to go to MBP-strange-there I saw an old man and many girls who had their faces covered-I was thinking of returning to home-I was walking on air and thought of stepping down-I was thinking what questions would be asked by Rajnikant. I asked astrologer how I would find him again-his presence was so assuring and relieving. I told him of my suffering-he gave me ash & said now ghosts won’t haunt you-there are many types of creatures he said when I saw a form dissolve near a handpump. He said these things started haunting you in Tamilnadu and I instantly accepted. I told him about Saturn antardasha when vairagya started–I was not factual of course-I asked him about Jaimini Atmakaraka but he couldn’t tell me. A ghost was chasing me-this was some kind of game -bloody ghosts and all. His presence was assuring. He was wearing glasses. I somehow discovered his house-he heard me patiently and didn’t take much money.

I had thought of writing a dream yesterday night & here is a most dazzling story in which I not only study in Manyata Business Park but also am haunted-in a way it’s similar to the previous one because there also I was haunted by some spirits because of muslims & then Hanuman saved me. Somehow this idea of possession & haunting has crept inside me & made me disturbed & I am getting dreams about it.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe heat is doing all this to you-don’t do KB today-how miraculous and assuring was the presence of the astrologer guru who had a fascinating presence-dream seemed so real-why all those girls who had their faces covered were wearing black?

To tell the Truth it was an entertaining horror fantasy. 

Until 2016 I never seriously believed in black magic but witnessing first hand severe psychic attacks on me for a period of about four months leaves you no options. The dreams described above became true almost verbatim except for a few missing details here and there. I used to watch horror mystery flicks made in Hollywood and little did I realize that my life had to become one! Anyone who reads all my blog posts will understand clearly how these dreams fit in. What I considered to be an unfolding of awakening became a terrible nightmare because it was not unadulterated. There were some hidden enemies who concentrated their powers to destabilize me. Something I have been doing unconsciously to offend some people all my life. It was because of my unconsciousness that they did magic rituals to haunt me and kill me off.

Reading posts A Tryst With Dragons and Magic Inside Family will shed some light on how these things took place. Though I have a better understanding now it’s not a complete understanding. There are many versions of story as I open my mind. But what did happen is–I started using drugs and was terribly attacked and tortured physically, mentally and spiritually by spirits. I became deluded and died as my heart stopped. I witnessed death/devil and deities along with parallel realities. I went to the astrologer/shaman and witnessed his assuring presence though it seemed less relieving than in the dream. I had to drop away the amulet he gave to me and I also had to drop away the ritual worship and chanting I was doing under pressure of spirits.

It was because attacks kept happening in the mystery school. It was the home of black magic, control and manipulation and yet I learnt what needed to be learnt. Logos saved me not Hanuman as was the suggestion planted in the dream. Who planted those suggestions in the dream? Was it a precognitive dream or mere planting of suggestions? When, like in the movie Inception, an idea comes from your inside via dreams you very easily believe it to be true. I thank all those who helped me including shaman/Hanuman but their help didn’t really change much. It was music of spheres and Sunlight which gave me courage to walk again–it gave me courage to investigate again and see and call a spade a spade.

There is an uncanny resemblance in my dreams and events which happened in my awakening. In some post I told about psychic attacks and energy vampires on buses in different cities. I had a dream as early as in 2014 which was foreboding for this journey and at that time I understood nothing about it.

Over years I have been getting many dreams about awakening and only one of them was very pleasant and that hasn’t become reality yet. All unpleasant dreams came to be true. One most unpleasant dream which was the most clear cut description of 2016’s death, moving through fourth dimension, witnessing parallel realities and getting trapped in TIME came in Dec 2015. A friend who has been undergoing healing for many years came to meet me during Christmas vacations that year. He was in the same hostel where I stayed during our college days. He was a very sincere student but lost his way. He was born on a full Moon day on Guru Nanak Jayanti the same year I was born. He told me that some Muslim fakir blessed his parents who were childless even after many years of their marriage. Some goddess in Sufi pantheons incarnated as the boy it seems.

The boy came to meet me and I was feeling jolly good at that time as I used to listen to logos for many hours a day and my awakening was going on harmoniously. I heard about his suffering and told him many inspirational stories and guided him about his spiritual practice. I spoke for many hours. After he left and I came downstairs(we were discussing upstairs in the Sun) I had terrible fever and fell asleep and saw the most frightening nightmare of my life. I was trapped inside a glass like reality which had infinite number of screens in parallel and no matter what I did I ended up being in a loop–repetition after repetition of same old patterns. This was-seeing Time/Death in a most haunting fashion–killing me infinite times–all at once. I woke up shivering with fear and high fever and told my mother and grandmother about it. The fever/fear remained for a week and dream remained in my memory until I was living it. In 2016, Dec, I was living the dream–that dream was an ominous foreboding of my destiny an year in advance!

In my awakening it has mostly been through dreams that I have been intimated about shape of events to come because I couldn’t go deep enough into meditation to travel astral world and higher dimensions.

I have two versions to interpret the dream sequences of 2016 and their fruition at present. One–when I was returning in the car with my sibling, father and granduncle after the visit to shaman–they whispered to each other about something. I realized it was about the party who did magic on our family as per shaman’s disclosure–though I felt it was all a show and I was witnessing their stage play–I was a bit curious and asked about it. They said they can’t tell me about it as it would have made me even more furious. Now after 6 months as i gathered courage by grace of logos and masters I visited the house where magical trapping and death happened. I found my journals and brought them here. A perusal led me to striking discovery of dreams which materialized. Now I asked my sibling gently about the whispering in car and he named a person and it was hard to believe but gleaning many things it was not impossible. 

Two: It was Illuminati all along and used people near to me to trap me as I was getting liberated. In this case it might have been my family members, the fiends and many others who concentrated on converting me into a cornered, scared, scapegoat. They succeeded to a great extent but in a bigger scheme of things it was my purification. 

None of the theories can allow all events to fit well. It might be that humans started attack thinking that it was their volition but dark entities were controlling them all along and then reptilians took over. I feel it is all a terrible nightmare but it opened a new dimension for me–fourth–which allowed my integration into fifth to begin again and I learnt humility the hard way. The planetary awakening coincided with mine so I was not a pioneer in any way. In fact, I had not put as much inner work as was needed to ‘deserve’ the gifts of nectar I was drinking so I was compelled to change my life style again to a seeker who had assumed to be a messiah misguided by delusions without having worked enough for accessing inner dimensions. 


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