Spacecraft, Radiance and Luminance

It has been pleasant clouded sky as cold wind has been blowing in the last two days. It’s more clouded in the morning and Sun kept playing hide-and-seek with clouds as I tried to meditate and download memories from it. I observe the arc in which it travels and it gives me the idea of time which has passed as per the clock. The death dissolution intuition “Radiance” means a clear Sun-lit sky so ‘clouded sky with Sun’ doesn’t qualify as Radiance. Similarly Clear Moon lit sky qualifies as “Luminance” stage of death dissolution as per Tibetan masters. Clouded Moon lit sky doesn’t qualify as the Luminance. There have been many days when I have observed Sun, Moon and Stars together in the sky. Moreover, clear Moon lit sky might signify a full or partial Moon in which case full Moon suggests a more profound intuition. In case of Sun it’s always full and devoid of clouds you need to observe the height at which you observed it to master Radiance stage.Β 

I’ve consistently been observing Radiance, Luminace, Pitch-darkness, Fire-Wind dissolution stages in my environment. Mostly because they’re easy to observe and fire to wind is becoming easier to handle with practice as I meditate on Sun, Sky or Stars I observe fireflies, bursts of sparks which range from discrete to continuous and small to big. When internal sounds are very loud I can observe continuous waves of electromagnetic sparks in the skies. Immediately as I come to the central channel–be it by focusing on chanting OM AH HUM or on third eye between eyebrows or simply on listening sounds–I observe wind interacting with me. The reason is coming to the central channel–to the balance and harmony. Sometimes ‘fire to wind’ dissolution happens when I have intense heat in my body and as soon as I come to the central channel via aforementioned methods cold breeze starts blowing rapidly suggesting how nature comforts you when you’re in balance and also suggesting that ‘fire to wind’ dissolution is end of gross desires and being in Space.

Today I had many dreams and visions and I woke up to a pre-dawn sky. Though I had one iteration of waking up to pitch-darkness I was conscious. Then as I went to roof in the pie-dawn sky phase which translates as clear-light in Tibetan book I observed clouds scattered all over the sky and pleasant wind with beautiful chirping birds. After having walked barefoot for sometime Β I was eagerly awaiting Sunrise. I witnessed a spacecraft in the eastern horizon moving downwards towards south-eastern horizon until it disappeared in the clouds. As I stood up to find it further I observed orange Sun coming out of a corner behind a building. Around February 16th I had observed many spacecrafts in the sky and today again I observed one. It was after a long time though I kept looking in between. One night as I was meditating on stars(I meditate on Venus, Orion, Sirius–primarily because they’re most visible from my part of the world–my house’s roof .) I observed a very bright moving spacecraft moving in the North direction from the center of the sky. I kept sending signals to it to come and pick me up but it didn’t. Anyway–the spacecrafts I have observed during days leave small tails of smoke like comets and take various directions to fly. They’re certainly not airplanes with passengers because I know one when I see one. Their trail is not very long and moves along with them–it’s not like leaving smoke in the air which remains long after the plane has gone–it’s constantly moving with the ship.

Now Mr. Steven Greer has been talking about the disclosure and NASA has silently admitted to ET presence it seems. I am not sure if it’s a spaceship from intelligent humans or from Andromedans, Sirians or Arctuarians. I have no way of confirming and I would keep observing because nobody in my vicinity is going to talk about it.

Thus apart from observing and mastering death dissolutions I am also observing our galactic brothers and sisters and inviting them to take me ‘physically’ on an adventure with them. I have had many visions and dreams which are spiritual, heavenly, angelic in nature but I need to study phenomena consciously in the waking state with tools which are advanced and might become available to all people equally once full disclosure takes place.If there are people who had mastered tools(devices) to have perfect remote vision as early as in 1960s on earth–we need not work on those abilities. Instead we can share those devices and let us work on something different. If we live in a Buddhaverse the sharing makes co-creation easier–otherwise I need to work for a decade to develop an ability which is already public(private) knowledge–and it contributes merely to my side-effects of disciplined study and meditation.

I am getting very many advantages with the combined practice of Sun-gazing-listening. The need for food is getting reduced dramatically. Yesterday my mother asked if my health was good because I am having half the food I used to take just a fortnight ago. The clear goal is to get completely rid of need to eating anything. I drink a lot of water and by usual standards it might seem ‘too much’ but I have been devoted to meditation for many years now. In 2015 as Kundalini was cleansing my body–I had an urge to eat a lot because I thought that it was ‘hunger’ which created ‘heat’ but it was cleansing of colon and body. The heat used to get accumulated in heart as well and I had a hard time. Then I used to drink 15 liters of water everyday which was 5-6 times what most normal people drink in course of day. Gradually I gained a better balance–now I drink somewhere between 10-12 liters of water everyday but it’s a ‘must’ for me. In days to come as I master Sun-gazing I feel the need to drink water will also reduce and finally ‘air’ will be the only food needed and after that even air won’t be needed anymore.

I observe that it’s not as much hunger(need for energy) which dominates these days but rather ‘conforming to others’ and ‘cravings’ which are habits as I get fragrances of food being cooked. What have been your experiences with Sun-gazing, listening to Sun, Stars, Moon and the Sky? Have you watched any spacecrafts recently? How are you coping with the shift in the paradigm as we move into the fifth dimensional earth? Β 


5 thoughts on “Spacecraft, Radiance and Luminance

  1. Sadly I haven’t searched for spacecrafts since I was a child, when I would see them from time to time. Being in well populated areas creates enough light pollution that seeing much of anything in the sky can be difficult. I used to love roadtrips down Mexico/Baja because the Milky Way would light up the sky in the evenings.

    The last time I stargazed for hours was in between Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru. There were lots of stars, shooting stars, and we could spot satellites moving ever so slowly, but no aircraft activity.

    The only alien/ET like scenarios I’ve encountered were through heroic doses of psilocybin mushrooms. I had been researching Terrence McKenna some months after returning from the jungle, feeling mushrooms were another sacred plant I could utilize in my healing. Just like DMT it’s not something you feel the need to rush back into, as it takes time to process and integrate, and honestly I don’t like the GI discomfort I feel during the experience or the awful migraine-hangover effect I’m left with the next day.

    I would love to live in an area where I can successfully sungaze at least once per day. I’m eager to hear more about your lessening of cravings as you continue your experiments. Thank you for sharing your findings as it’s all so inspiring πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Jasmine for such a lovely remark. I observed another UFO in evening as I was meditating on sky. It came from the North-West and went all the way to the North East. Then I lost sight of it and then I again observed a similar object(maybe it was the same thing!) in the South-east just moving towards the cluster below Sirius and then it seemed to disappear. I also learnt today that the brilliant star I kept seeing in the South-West direction since my early childhood was actually Jupiter. I clearly neglected my Astronomy lessons though I researched into Vedic Astrology and wrote a few articles on it.
      I do hope you get to Sun-gaze as it recharges our system very fast and creates tangible differences in our levels of consciousness. I wanted to experiment with Pscilocybins in 2012 but considering their risk of being toxic and not being available in my vicinity made me reluctant. My experience with Bhaang(Marijuana) had been mixed. I’ve heard about DMT making you able to see geometric shapes but could never try it.

      The one reason I mentioned in my previous post about us not being able to see sky objects as we grow up is because we lose our extremely subtle consciousness and move out of a finer dimension. For example–some young kids tell about seeing fairies, auras and angels because they’re very pure. I used to see spacecrafts as a child but later on stopped seeing them up until now.

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      1. Indeed! Today morning I again observed one just before Sunrise. Maybe they’re following a schedule. This time something strange happened–it came from North-East and stayed in the horizon which is just in-front of my house–just above a tree(but at a great height!)–it stayed for 2-3 minutes after which it descended into the South-East and became invisible because of obstructions in my neighborhood. Its becoming stationary explains it is certainly not a normal flight. I will keep observing. Thanks for your interest and feedback. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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