My Experiments With The Name!

Truly speaking it’s the word which is the creator, preserver and destroyer of the various dimensions, realms and universes. The word is intelligence, information, spirit, law, love, light and power of the being. My experiments with the word have been many and varied and they can’t be fully expressed here in a small space still an attempt shall be made to share some of the experiences. Those friends who find something worth sharing should give an honest feedback or word of advice.

In Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya’s book “Extrasensory Perceptions Fact Not Coincidence” he suggested that listening to our inner sounds by covering our ears attunes us to ether and if continued it gives us power to hear distant sounds and clairaudience. I was reading this book as a middle school student and tried listening to sounds but no clear and distinct sounds were present and yet I found the method to be easier than most other methods. I used to witness certain strange psychic phenomena as I practiced Yoga but never took to practice listening inner sounds until 17 years of age. Once I was playing cricket in the playground and felt thirsty–an advertisement song “555 Sabki Pasand Nirma” started echoing into my ears and as soon as I reached my home and started drinking water the same song started getting played on TV. I was really surprised to observe it. 

By the year 2003 I had started listening sweet melodious bell like sharp pitched sounds inside my ears after extensive breathing practices. Swani Vivekananda had explained in his book Rajayoga that they suggested advancement in Yoga therefore I considered those sounds dear and a proof that I was on the right path as I wanted to get liberated from cycles of birth and death though I didn’t understand what birth and death actually meant it was a burden to live after 15 years of age. Even at an age of 7 years after being released from a hospital where I had to stay for 10 days after an injury I told my friend that I no longer wanted to stay in my body as it was abode of suffering and I seriously meant every word of what I said as I had read Bhagwad Geeta and knew that it was possible to leave body. 10 days in hospital I heard cries of suffering people and they were enough along with my own little knee surgery to tell me that the world was hell.

My experiments with word could truly become possible only when I started meditating in college after the first Dark Night of Soul. I meditated on sounds and mixed them with breathing. I called method Vibreathe–vibrant breathing. It was basically observing how vibrations change as you change breathing. All movements in our body including movements of breathing and blinking our eyes are movements of life-force-energy(chi/praana). If you blink your eyes or move them or do breathing in certain patterns all of them change the sounds inside you which you can listen to and with the feedback loop you can amplify positive effects and master chi.

When I wanted to go into Laya Samadhi I used to breath with complete attention for 10-15 times and this generated ‘current’ then I used to hold my breath and merge into the Mahanada(great sound) produced. This remained my way of entering into Samadhi until 2012’s awakening. Afterwards I could enter into Laya Samadhi but found it exhausted many resources as I had to forcibly hold my breath and I waited for ‘natural state’ the Sahaja Samadhi and gave up forcing myself into Laya. Though Laya used to give me bliss of identity–forgetting all momentarily. It used to come back after some time and only ecstatic memories used to remain in my body-mind.

Listening to sounds changed my complexion from dark to golden and the glow was palpable for many people around me who were surprised. It didn’t stay of course because anything you build up needs maintenance. I found that though I had meditated with closed eyes it was easier to stay alert with open eyes. It was because light particles absorbed through eyes translate into more love and alertness. I used to wonder why it was difficult to stay alert after a certain duration with closed eyes and now it seems I understand that reason was light–which contains packets of energy and love. It’s this very light which gets converted into inner light in indestructible drop as you keep practicing.As we keep listening to LOGOS our third dimensional bodies start vibrating at a higher rate and become less dense allowing more light to penetrate them and this meant transparency and glow. I was convinced in those days of great fortune that end of my practice was going to be my merging into the light. It was in 2007 and I read that it happened to some saints in past which confirmed my intuition. 

At the peak of my practice in 2007 I felt like becoming a tiny dot around my throat. The throat center was becoming clearer as I acquired a deeper understanding of all I had learnt previously and felt full to the brim. Textures of walls, trees, objects used to speak to me when I was listening to them with my ears covered but not otherwise. Their meaning changed when I covered my ears. Sage Patanjali, Swami Vivekananda and other masters knew the secret that sounds inside our ears are subtle(seeds) of our thoughts. If you attend to them you need not witness thoughts. As I had learnt art of witnessing thoughts from Eckhart Tolle, Osho and J. Krishnamurti–I applied it to witness these sounds–I started witnessing whole chunks of ideas and songs which were playing in mind since forever. This released a great deal of subconscious energy and expanded my consciousness.

This also created a dilemma for me. Actually this remained a pattern for me as a seeker for long. I used to keep meditation journals for recording insights, experiences, synchronicities and techniques. Sometimes I used to work on many parameters at once and remained confused about what caused what. If I had been practicing a technique for 3 months and added another to it and it caused a great advantage to the work I was puzzled whether it was the new technique or old or their combination which caused it. Actually limited mind is always confused and it’s the part of the process of awakening. 

One such confusion is what I consider a debate between many religions. I wasn’t aware of it until recently but I felt it as a doubt during my practice. If you say ‘all is one’ it’s absurd because all is observable as discrete but one is only an inference. Similarly if you say existence is dual it’s false–nothing can be said certainly about Reality. I was puzzled whether to witness word or to give it one-pointed attention with an intention to merge into it.

Buddhist Surangama Sutra tells that listening to inner sounds is an expedient method. All saints in the eastern and western traditions such as Nanak, Kabir, Ramananda, Rumi, Shams-i-Tabrej, Hafiz, Jesus and Paul advise to meditate on WORD and Light which manifests between two eyebrows as it liberates. It gives you nectar of immortality as “water of life” when your light body rapidly gets created.

Jnana Yoga school masters Nisargadatta Maharaja, Ramana and Osho advise witnessing our thoughts as the greatest method along with enquiry into being to be ‘direct and fastest’ methods for liberation. When questioned they didn’t shun meditation on sounds but advised to ‘witness’ it rather than to try merging in it. It seems that Jehovah’s Witness mean the same thing in principle and it’s a subtle war between two great entities.

I AM THAT I AM–the Yahweh or God of old testament and Nisargadatta/Ramana’s realization techniques are compatible. Whatever you can perceive no matter how great that you can’t be–so perception of word means it’s separate from you. God’s existence depends on your ‘I AM’ presence. Therefore Jehovah’s witness suggest that WORD was one of the Gods. Buiddha also said that there were many Gods so WORD is Word of Gods. Quantum nonlocality and parallel universes also suggest that there are many Gods and they come into existence as soon as a universe comes.

Can there be a universe where there is no sound? But WORD doesn’t mean sound it means ‘being’ and means frequency. Therefore WORD and I AM are not two separate principles as soul-WORD-Supersoul are one and the same thing as Supreme. Ekankar teaches that name of God is HU. Even Ramana’s inquiry Who am I gives a silent response “HU AM I”–the answer is I AM HU. The HUM seed syllable opens the heart center and you can hear divine melodies when heart chakra is fully open.

Whether to witness sounds or to listen to them–remained a question with me. Witnessing is a broad bandwidth paradigm and includes witnessing reactions, emotions and feelings along with surroundings. In the beginning ‘inner’ reactions are separate from ‘outer’ environment but as you graduate you realize that inner and outer are one—the personal mind becomes universal mind or say personal mind is lost forever only universal mind remains. In such case witnessing sounds along with changes in body-mind becomes the grand task of witnessing whereas listening merely means focusing on sounds–and as you continue concentrating you find groups of sounds instead of particular sounds and witnessing happens in the background.

Expansion of consciousness is actually increasing your bandwidth without losing the ability to focus. When veil is lifted you might be restless therefore focus is needed. Then there is no problem because you can open any channel at will. The witnessing meditation once started activates witnessing layer and hence whether you ‘focus’ on a sound as saints and gnostics suggest or witness sounds it doesn’t matter too much provided you stay connected to sounds. I regard witnessing sounds to be in every way greater than witnessing thoughts and reactions because you catch them young. This conflict essentially boils down to bandwidth allocation.

Another issue is listening to sounds on the left side versus sounds on the right side. Truly speaking I didn’t find a clear cut description to differentiate sounds in the literature. Masters say that you should listen to sounds coming from the right side only as left ear sounds mislead. Some other masters say that you should listen to sounds coming from central channel as you focus on light in the third eye(between the eyebrows). Saint Rajinder Singh ji told us to focus on central sounds whereas his guru’s guru Kripal Singh ji has written to listen to sounds from the right side in the commentary on Jap Ji(unless I misunderstood the ‘differentiation between sounds’)

I feel it’s important to commune with the word and light and stay connected and in due course all doubts resolve as you feel light increase in your body. After all inner/outer/upper/lower/left/right lose their meaning after sometime.

In my personal practice I observed that sounds from the left side persisted for many days but afterwards new sounds generated and right side started dawning. I translated it to mean that since sounds from both sides were present: the right side sounds meant the level of consciousness reached. Left side meant level of consciousness transcended(previous stop/current stop) and so on. 


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