Walking barefoot and Sun-gazing!

“From the turret of the Heaven a call bids thee Home.
But fallen into the snares thou listeneth not.
No one knows where the Mansion of the Beloved lies,
But sure enough the chiming of the bells proceeds therefrom.”


Grow not skeptical, but attune thyself to the Sound
coming down from the Heavens.
Thy soul shall have revelations from afar.
What are these but glimpses of the Unrevealed;
Were I to speak of these sweet melodies,
Even the dead shall rise from their graves.”


“Word is the lock and Word is the key thereto,
With the chains of the Word, all are bound.
The Lord resideth in the form of the Word; I bow my
head at Its Feet.”

—Doolan Sahib

Listening to the sounds from Sirians, Arctuarians, Andromedans, Orions, Moon, Venus and other clusters I had a beautiful brush of breeze over my skin and bats who generate frequencies which I can’t hear but do repel mice. If there are beings who vibrate at the frequency which bats can hear how would they look like? Certainly not like batman. Bats have been associated with darkness for most of the times in supernatural but scientifically speaking they have a super-ability which would make any of us super-perceptive if developed with practice. I have talked about my college friend who gave me The Power of Now to read . On that day I told him about the high frequency sounds I hear and he said that we can hear only sounds ranging from 20 Hz to 20 Khz. I agreed and yet I hadn’t heard any sounds as engrossing and elevating me outside as I heard inside me. Could this mean that practice of Yoga enables you to break-out of that rigid zone and allows you to hear a wider range by refining the inner radio of your ear? Maybe. When I heard an Youtube video with a very high frequency which is used as a mouse-repellent I couldn’t hear much. 

When I heard the audios of sounds emitted by various planets of our solar system as released by NASA I did find them familiar to what I had heard in the meditation. To be honest they were not ‘distinct’ as presented by NASA but ‘mixed’ sounds. Similarly, Paul Francis–an astrophysicist who had converted electromagnetic radiations from Big Bang, New Sun, Quasars and Supernovas into the sound shared these on his website for download. I downloaded them in 2007 and found them very similar to what I heard in meditation. It’s important to note that most beautiful figures sounded most resonant in Paul Francis’ presentation suggesting an inner harmony about natural sounds and lights/colors they represent in the natural design. 

I feel earlier masters didn’t use models of these planetary, solar or galactic sounds to describe the inner sounds because Science wasn’t enough developed a few centuries ago to record them. They used analogies of most simple sounds in nature like crickets or bees chirping and buzzing, flute, harp, bagpiper, cymbals, clouds roaring and thunder and mixed sounds. Also it’s not important to ‘analyze’ sounds in order to listen them and taste the nectar which soothes your soul because analysis might divert your mind and it’s good to focus on listening rather than analyzing. Only if you’re fully dedicated to listening to WORD you can improve concentration by making it a scientific field of experimental study as well thereby pioneering a new branch along with tasting the bliss. 

For example–Sun gazing emerged as a new movement after Hira Ratan Manek pioneered it. You can live without eating anything merely on water if you ardently practice this ancient Science. It’s not just that–you can also increase your frequency of vibration, heal yourself complexly, improve eyesight and acquire new abilities as pineal gland is stimulated and activated. Now if you add ‘transcendental listening’ to Sun-gazing you can multiply the effects. In normal process you assume Sun to be a loving kind source of energy and gaze like you are simply looking at a person(Please google for full instructions on Sun gazing) but in case of listening you can assume Sun to be your yidem and listen along with gazing. Listening factor adds to musicality of  being which is extended in your everyday life for all phenomena and here it amplifies your Sun-gazing multi folded.

The new fifth dimensional earth will not need us to eat anything and no wastes will be reproduced as our bodies will be light bodies. With my gradual practice i intend to transcend hunger and cravings for food. I had heard that there were Sun-gazers but since I wanted only ‘Reality’ and no yogic perfections I didn’t try anything. I heard Dolores Cannon saying in one of her videos that in 2012 there were more than 30000 people on planet who ate nothing! That was surprising. A day will come in a few years, decades or centuries when nobody will need to eat or drink anything to function well. As she also said it will take away ‘joy of eating’ and drinking but newfound abilities in the light body compensate well for those pleasures we lose. 

You need to walk barefoot in order to fully harness advantages of Sun gazing. It activates pineal gland. When I stayed in Vrindavan(a place of pilgrimage in northern India) I completely gave up wearing footwear for ten months because I was a priest and mostly resided inside the facility. It became difficult sometimes–especially in summers and rainy season but sure did a lot of good for the pineal gland.  Walking barefooted for 45 minutes everyday is to be made a habit for health benefits accruing from the Sun-gazing practice. 

When I used to meditate on sound vibrations in 2007 at a friend’s house in Bhopal–i witnessed many bats on a Pipal tree. Hindus regard Pipal as the most auspicious tree and worship it and scientific reason might be its rich oxygen giving potential which nourishes our body mind. The bats and Pipal combination intrigued me. That friend also had some problems from spirits because some family rivalries had created black magical spirits for their family and he struggled with much turbulence.I was skeptical and though I had witnessed darkness in humans I hadn’t experienced elementals or dark energies up until then. I advised him to practice breathing techniques and he was a sincere practitioner so soon cured himself of many ailments. Our birth charts had same conjunction of five planets in a sign because we were born only ten days apart and in fact three of us(including the guy who gave me Power of Now to read) had same stellium. That person was born only a few hours before me and a few hundred miles apart from my place of birth. Our interests did match–reading and research into paranormal and so on.    




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