My inclination towards The Simulation Hypothesis

When I started experiencing utter hopelessness of my existence moving from reality to reality and dimension to dimension only some core beliefs used to give me solace for a limited time and most of them came from Hollywood films rather than religion. The way religion was being practiced in my vicinity seemed like an open dark farce. David Lynch’s Lost Highway(1997) has the main character saying to investigator’s “I like to remember things the way I like and not the way they actually happened.” The film did have many elements of surprising mystery and was a colorful depiction of reality as we perceive it when we enter into the fifth dimension from the third. The “Inland Empire(2006)” was the most mind boggling mystery for me and therefore remained my most favorite film for a long time. David Lynch used to say that all the clues were there to solve the puzzle and I realized its full import(at least from 4-5th dimensional viewpoint) only after my death in 2016. Witnessing consciousness was the only solace and source of power for me in spaces between darkness and more darkness. 

Another idea was that of switching into parallel dimensions and it was happening with many clear signs but owing to my ‘acceptance’ attitude I left it all on ‘being’ and never chose to exercise my free will until January.  As I felt like a servant, a pet and a slave I convinced myself that it was a ‘Simulation Experiment’ because it was the first and most intuitive answer to all my questions from deep within and it also saved me from metaphysics, religion, spirituality and God –all of which had failed in saving me. Nisargadatta’s words used to come to me whenever anything unexpected happened and it was most of the time but how to interpret the new model and how to live in everyday life–clearly the way I used to live didn’t work well enough as i had closely examined all nooks and corners of previous choices and there seemed no hope. The idea that some astronauts are trained for space voyages came from Hollywood Sci-Fi thrillers I had watched and it was an apt model at that time for me. I had watched Matrix but Inland Empire seemed better choice for me. I worked as a software programmer analyst but my heart was never in it. I enjoyed spiritual discussion and metaphysics along with sublime literature, movies and poetry more than coded things. My interest in Quantum Nonlocality and Parallel Universes was because of my love for Truth and Hindu scriptures had Quantum Model of universe many thousand years ago or so it seemed. 

The astronauts were chosen few and privileged.They were cream of the lot and an entire life time beginning since childhood of training made them eligible for space voyages. I asked ‘them’ once to take me to whatever star system they were from because suffering had become unbearable but they told me to have patience. Later they became Karma lords in my interpretation–now one of them might say that since I was losing balance they told me something fancy I wanted to hear–but it was what I felt deep inside my soul. In 2012 also I had a very vivid dream when I was very handicapped and broken after Kundalini awakening–unable to move from bed for 6 months. I had many but this one was remarkable. I told my brother about it and could never forget it. In it I was in a lab like NASA or some other space agency and everything was so well organized scientific and calculated that I had not seen it even in any science fiction films. Moreover I was a member in the team at the lab and able to use all instruments living very healthy life. It was unlike watching any visions of heavenly realms–it was like being a crew member aboard. The dream fascinated ‘handicapped’ me greatly but no miracles happened–neither I did anything scientific to pursue that line–I had given up working after awakening and later on decided to pursue Yoga full time .  

Every new mystic has suggested to use new models for awakening. Dream inside dream inside dream resonated so well with me and being mystical David Lynch’s film representation appealed me greatly but it was very spiritual and I had instruments and technology all around me. I saw more and more automation happening day-after-day in my surroundings and I loved that though I craved for peaceful seclusion I was happy for people around me and wanted peaceful seclusion plus technology which wasn’t harmful. It was dawn of Kalyuga according to Hindus and dawn of new golden age according to some visionaries and mystics. 

Ancient people used ‘dream language’ because dream remained an integral aspect of our lives and they never fail to explain our conditioned existence as sleep-walkers. Ramana and other modern mystics didn’t hint much after Integral Yoga because it might have hindered our awakening. There is after all infinite time and infinite space available for exploration after awakening. Though my father said I had very little time left as in to join a government service and marry to have a ‘normal family’ as I had lived a monastic life for more than 10 years never pursuing materialism–I felt deeply that I was allowed fully to explore inner dimensions and be sincere academician even after death because spiritual seeds for those were available and ripe but a life totally different from parents, country and present situations meant I needed to run for my life and use unnecessary means to gain entry into another country and start afresh while I had no money and despised keeping money or working for anyone. The simulation hypothesis gave me clear cut idea that I was being trained for something bigger and was a ‘chosen one.’ Primarily because the miracles which happened in my day-to-day life needed a voluminous amount of energy and if you translate it in terms of money–I found an entire city–nay many cities teaching me how to control my mind and pursue ‘lighter choices’ or ‘higher path’ by showing me my Karma as if on live screen in form of movies which resonated most with me and performers were artists like me(I liked drama always!) I doubted that I was an Artificial Intelligence for a long time and considered myself the dumbest of the lot wherever I went–and this was all ‘authentic’ mindscape because i didn’t read anything or watch any videos or internet or movies during the high energy crises which lasted three-four months from November to February and seemed like many life-times embedded into one. 

Considering oneself a student, a trainee was the only thing which gave me solace. Since I had faced many psychic attacks I was willing to face any intelligent alien race who was already here since forever but they sure didn’t think I was. I had loved 2001: A Space Odyssey and argued on Philosophy forums online about why most Hollywood directors including Ridley Scott who made Prometheus bored me utterly because of their ‘negative’ takes. Stanely Kubrick had read 100 books before making 2001 based on Arthur C. Clarke’s book. I had not read the book as I rarely read any fiction–always a lover of Truth and philosophy little did i knew that in the new paradigm only solace I had was to come from fiction from imagination and fantasy. I already consumed very little energy: two meals a day and a bit of electricity for which my mother was paying since she had kept me emotionally captive beginning from 2014. ‘They’ wanted me to spend more energy and touch more lives actively while I was convinced that Ramana and Nisargadatta can’t be wrong and ‘being’ was same as ‘doing’ since all life was interconnected. I surely didn’t have maturity of Nisargadatta or Ramana because I attracted no disciples and no neighbors asked any questions about Reality EVER. I had no doubts about my knowledge of reality but some lessons in ‘hierarchy of beings’ and buddhist Nirvana(White ray of becoming) needed to be relearned after 2016 as I had wrongly assumed that being spontaneous meant doing ‘as I pleased with my residual unconsciousness’–naturally I felt afraid in some situations–mainly in social life. The ‘natural state’ hadn’t been gained perfectly despite miraculous testimony all around me. 

The simulation hypothesis is a great source of joy for those who are familiar with technology and Quantum Physics. It helps you stay sane as you consider it all a game. Even the saint to which Karma lords took me for second initiation who lived in a village and showed miracles had electronic buzzers which he operated with swift compose of an adept engineer.I was clearly supposed to utilize my technological knowledge no matter however meager it was–along with my spiritual practice and that is what jet propelled me towards considering myself on a vessel/spaceship/school where I was getting trained. It made me feel special and saved me from black magic and fear and it also gave me meaning to grow as i integrate myself. I feel enlightenment models which don’t use technology in present age are likely to fall away in new earth. intelligent design appeals more than a God who needs our prayers to feel flattered. As long as you have a body which needs rest–the dream hypothesis will remain useful in explaining models of reality but only simulation hypothesis can do justice with integration of Science, Spirituality, Technology and Modern Man.  


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