Awakening and Astral Planes

Absolute Truth is our already being what we want to be and first we understand it intellectually then we realize it in our heart and then we see it becoming manifesting into our environment. Our environment is made of our subconscious memories. It’s usually a little difficult to accept in our waking life but when take example of dreams it’s very easy to understand. In dreams we meet many people and visit many sites which seem familiar. They’re all projected from our subconscious mind. Earlier as I used to recall my dreams I realized that whenever I used to see a new face or place in them the story of knowing them vividly used to get created simultaneously. For example–if I see a horse, the story will run like this: I saw this horse when I was 5 years old in a jungle and a fairy was riding it. The conviction with which these stories get created suggest how powerful our subconscious mind is and everything in your environment is made of stuff of mind. That’s why when I initially tried to ‘wake up’ i couldn’t change my environment despite trying to sprinkle water on my face, pinching myself in skin, becoming alert and so on. All our energies are invested in our universe and they’re so deeply engaged that almost all change by habitual ways and ideas is denied. The environment or dream has our habitual ways deeply encoded into it therefore nothing you know at a level of vibration can take you to a higher vibration universe.

When I found myself in Spirit World I wanted to see certain things certain way but it was against the higher law. I didn’t understand it properly. I knew I was in the fifth dimension but why were familiar things there? I wanted to be in an altogether different world with different capabilities. I was still feeling hungry because of expenditure of energy and this created waste in my body. I thought there was no time so there should have been no decay in the body and it should neither feel hunger nor thirst. I realized in meditation that I didn’t even need to breath and my breathing happened only when I paid attention to it. i realized that heat, cold, hunger, environment were mostly based on suggestions from people around me. I neither felt hot nor cold if I exerted no volitional effort. I felt no passage of time unless someone told me it was such and such time. I witnessed all changes happening on surface of consciousness, in ‘me’. Inner and outer had become one. The reason why I had hunger, thirst and various attractions and repulsions was because residual unconsciousness in body needed to be purged out.  i hadn’t worked for gaining occult powers to stay without food or water. I only wanted liberation, truth and love but that meant loving yourself and your environment totally. As Nisargadatta says “you can’t leave a mess behind and go beyond.” The mess will keep pulling your leg down into the third dimension even if all your head and entire body except toes are in the fifth dimension figuratively speaking.

Some of us reflect on a question: the ascension which we experience in our waking state–the rapid empowerment of our environment–the earth moving into new era of love and light–is it that I am very fortunate to be participating in it or it’s just a simulation projected by higher powers of my self to help me awaken. I feel all views are correct regarded they’re creative and help increase your vibrancy. You might have thought about masters of past eras who gained light bodies while living between unenlightened people. Did they experience a new earth? Yes, they did. I feel ascension is essentially the same for each and every soul. There are infinite ways of flowering of consciousness so each awakening will be expressed in a unique way. The faith that what we are experiencing here is unique doesn’t contradict the fact that every ascended master entered into a new earth as they ascended.There are infinite varieties of ideas possible similar to it. Since I am making this discussion earth based it’s an example about new earth, though you might realize that you already exist in each and every dimension in infinite forms. Masters tell that at every moment a new universe comes into being from your heart so there are infinite new earths.

For our mind and body to get accustomed to new dimensions and new found freedom and bliss we need to appreciate ourselves and get grounded. Since we constantly seek feedback for our ‘being’ from environment–at each up-gradation we need  an upgraded environment thus ‘timeless perfection’ looks ‘as if happening in time’ though it all exists timelessly in NOW. So did you find yourself fortunate to be participating in a grand awakening cycle happening now or did you create a grand awakening cycle to convince yourself that you were indeed worthy of this newfound freedom and love which was always yours? The answers depends on your choices which take you to next levels of awakening. How grand is your universe and how much you populate it is dependent on your power of imagination. In reality nothing has existence independent from you. You allow the world and gods to be because they need ‘you’ to approve them. It might be veneration, adoration, love or hatred, curse and abuse–you allow everything to be.In retrospect as you imagine a hard life and difficulties you find yourself healing and realize that this ‘test’ or ‘earth school’ was your own decision to experience your bliss, love and light. The moment this started you switched all your memories off except your alarm clock in your heart which was love–your guru–inner and outer and it kept shocking you to wake you up. 

When you wake up to a new timeless dimension you feel as if it’s all happening for you. You might get ideas that it’s a delusion but it’s absolute truth. You will wonder how come this grand show is being put just for me? The expenditure of energy! The whole energy and show is projected from your very own heart from your love for yourself. You never thought you were so valuable–a knight, a king, a queen, a fairy, a goddess, a god. When you feel the inverted limited darkness you appreciate the light much more. That is why all the stories of monstrosity and all this darkness is shown to us by our own imaginative power and we weave fabulous stories of demons and angels to convince ourselves because we don’t understand void. We can’t comprehend reality from our limited three dimensional mindset which always seeks for approval from others. Which needs to ‘work hard’ just to ‘be’. Even to smile, laugh or play we need substantial reasons and many people doing it. We need it to be purposeful because there is fear of descending down into the time. Instantaneous manifestation is the truth in the fifth dimension. If you dwell on positive you get more of it and if you dwell on negative you get more of it and it’s more rapid than it ever was. You can use any awakening model and experiment with it–eventually harmony and balance will take you back to source–to yourself–to your being, to love. 

Dolores Cannon–a beautiful lady and pioneer researcher in field of spirituality proposes a model in her videos. It’s very similar to Theosophical(Madam Blavatsky’s) model. I feel that souls who were one with God or in heaven came here to help as she says–because they heard a call to help. These souls never liked this complex density. In a way it’s ‘evolution’ of life as a totality and souls evolve and grow in light. This growth can’t be comprehended in a mind which is accustomed to linear patterns of work-reward. On the other hand it could also create in us a false sense of ‘superiority’ for being greater than those who ‘called’ for help–while the bigger picture says that they did a favor to us by calling us for help and giving us a chance to grow and learn. it’s only when you start getting glimpses of your timeless perfection that you yearn deeply again for home. It’s not your effort that liberates you but it creates a greater environment by alleviating collective Karma and then you find you were dreaming of hardship. But unless you’ve seen the stars outside the window from your prison wall you  keep believing that prison walls are all there is. I kept feeling that life was a jail made by Saturn–the lord of Karma. Being a Astrology researcher I also proposed that there might be many solar systems where there is no concept of evil because Saturn, Mars and Rahu(north node of Moon) like planets aren’t present there. I deeply feel that all people who broke into reality from the third dimensional earth immediately created their powerful universes whether they were fully aware of it or not. They were not just yogis and buddhas but also writers, scientists, metaphysicians, shamans and laypersons. They started existing in two universes at once and during the rest of their lives(until they had exhausted their body’s energies) they helped many other people in parallel realities to transcend their Karma by their being, speech or acts.    

I feel there is no superior model because all models are equally perfect–everything is perfection no matter how distorted it seems-therefore all models of awakening are perfectly true and point towards greatest truth of being. Even the story that we were at the source at once is given only to help comfort us and accelerate our awakening because in Truth there can’t ever be separation from Reality which makes everything possible. 

Dolores Cannon’s lower/middle/upper astral planes were all experienced by me in my sojourn after death but they were not separate places rather superimposed on my normal surroundings because my body, my family and my environment remained familiar yet strange. I didn’t know I was dead for a while. I hanged out with addicted people. i met angels, gods, demons. I witnessed most fascinating patterns, movies, flowers, colors and expressions of reality and yet I could constantly witness tragedy of human condition as external to mine. As a witness I kept recalling Nisargadatta maharaja’s teachings and David Lynch’s Inland Empire(2006) which was my favorite mystery film which I couldn’t understand before death was being played before me every single day. For me–lower, middle and higher astral planes alternated after some intervals and then profound realization of my enlightenment used to happen. Nobody clearly showed me anything as it was all symbolic and dependent on my ability to understand and connect the dots. I had to assert my will to get out of the rut and become a meditative student again who contributes to universe merely by being. I had to assert my will to isolate myself from all astral planes. Gradually spirit accumulated in me and my range of activities and degree of freedom started becoming what they were before death as human and what they could be as enlightened being who doesn’t have any hope for any human existence with regards to any humane relations, pleasures or pains of any kinds having understood how karmic evolutionary momentum actually works as self-fulfilling prophecy. Every negative word spoken or thought–other than for intention of healing oneself or as an example to teach–affects your destiny as much as any positive word spoken by you does. 



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