Winter witnessing

During winters when all miracles were taking place and I was  also learning symbolic dream language in my day-to-day life which I had so far vaguely learnt only for dream interpretation, many strange things where happening. Beautiful kingfisher, parrots in pairs, doves and other birds used to come whenever I felt very peaceful and calm. Sometimes I used to see a bird hanging up in the sky flattering its wings for many minutes like a plane waiting to land. Once I pointed this out to my sibling and he said “he is waiting for the permission to land.” Whichever temple I visited in those days seemed to begin their key services in my honor it seemed. Which I used to took with a pinch of salt because it was already too heavy for me to cope with all that was happening. 

Once my grandmother took me to a religious feast(bhandara) and I was sitting there witnessing people. I knew they wanted me to create connections and act socially. I behaved the way I used to behave remaining passive and witnessing. I felt this was all a show being organized just for me–how could it be? Well, I was beyond space-time so only when I paid attention anything came to existence in those days. I had a feeling that organizers of feast wanted to bring themselves to my attention like everyone else and lo the announcement began appreciating the organizers committee immediately. 

Once a distant relative came with an invitation card for his elder brother’s marriage.I was attending mystery school those days and very sensitive I tried to sincerely serve food to the guy and entertained him with genuine small-talk. After meal I wanted to drop him off to another destination because he was on foot. My grandmother stopped me saying I was tired from work and should have rested but I wanted to gain merit and help selflessly. I took him to my uncle’s shop but he was not there and from there when we called him he was in some other place so we decided to go to other relatives. As I took him to them I witnessed that the elderly lady who usually used to appreciate me kept talking incessantly and her talk was piercing my soul like harmful magical spells. There was a baby and she spoke in a symbolic way to mean that I was a newborn aged one year into the family because I hadn’t honored the family tradition and after the last death(conscious death in November) I was reborn in their family. My head got very heavy listening to their talks. All three people made me feel humiliated and I realized why it was so. The deep layers of enmity between two families, the residual ancestral Karma and my heightened perceptiveness made it almost impossible to stay there for one hour. Every house was a mystery house in those days–it might still be but I haven’t set foot outside this house since January 9th. When I wanted to drop the gentleman to the next step he said “now you go” but he wanted me to take the street which was not from the main road somehow because my friends lived there and he knew about it. 

Later at home I witnessed that when I reported about the incident my grandmother hinted that the child who had died a decade ago in our house when the mother of the gentleman came to our place in a marriage ceremony came using this vehicle. I had an intuitive understanding that I was paying off some kind of debt as I was only doing that in those days–but nobody clearly answered anything even if I asked and it was ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ symbolic dream language game all the times.My father had given an injection to the child because he had water in lungs–but he didn’t survive. My grandfather and father had no medical degrees but they used to give medicines to many without any license as was usual in those days in small towns like us and in most villages. I did hold grudge that the child died because of carelessness as I saw the mother repenting. They had 8 children but every child is equally dear to a mother. Now the guy came to balance some old Karma and since I was the witness I had to pay dues by taking severe psychic blows to my head. The lady in that house also said about my grandmother ” she doesn’t let anyone enter in that house.” At that time I became aware of spirit game and how deep that rabbit hole was going to be. Every house seemed to have dimensions upon dimensions and infinite beings lived in it. My grandmother especially appreciated my grandfather that night and created godly adoration in my mind because I considered everyone to be god, teachers and masters even if they harmed me as I hadn’t learnt to protect my psychic field in the new game. 



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