A Confirmation of Parallel Realities!

It was around October in 2016 when I had discovered that everything was interconnected dramatically and I was moving in and out of dimensions as I had tasted being in void. I had started practicing ‘natural state’ in day-to-day life and given up meditating hermit’s way. There was a fruit seller who used to consume marijuana and say good-bye to me every-time I passed by because I had a big beard and seemed saintly. Other than that we had no exchange of information ever. One day as I had conviction about hollowness of memories I lost focus and my bike’s Tyre slipped at a street but I was unharmed. I got up and there came two guys running towards me to help me out. One of them was fruit seller and I wasn’t surprised to see his dramatic persona because I knew I was moving across parallel dimensions now more than ever. The guy had clean face and no sign of any injury. I had seen the same person last evening and he had a big white covering for bandage as done in hospitals and signs of injury were also visible on his face. How come in a matter of few hours there was a totally different copy of the fruit seller who got completely healed of all injuries. No plaster, no head wounds, no bandages, no marks? I didn’t ask him because I knew. He pushed my bike to help start it as it was not getting started but after a while it started on its own.

Given above is the most authentic and clear memory from the time when I had just started to enter new earth in the fifth dimension but there were many other things which seemed to suggest the same. We need to observe in order to find out differences because we are moving into parallel realities all the times without being aware of it.  


2 thoughts on “A Confirmation of Parallel Realities!

    1. Indeed there can be as many layers as we can observe. After reaching a certain vibration you don’t want to fall back to old one because body-mind-soul complex entirely rejects everything of old frequency. I isolated myself to focus on raising my vibrations in January. I feel if I allow myself to get exposed to what is called ‘normal living’ I would get many more of such experiences now. I rely on my immediate environment, dreams, visions, feedback from friends like you for reliability of increased vibration as I don’t follow conventional news or events. It’s not yet time to go out on a voyage until all is healed within-and without. Harsh voices, people laboring for wedges, controlling are enough to tell me that much work is needed to ‘accept’ 5D earth where there is no need to eat or work anymore! Thanks for sharing your experience. Love and light!

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