Light Language!

Consciousness is memory. Expansion of consciousness means augmentation of memories. John Von Goethe said “All the great ideas have already been thought and you’ve to just rethink them.” This might raise some questions. If everything is already out there how would you become creative, novel and original? The answer lies in the cyclic nature of cosmos and its infinite exponential expansion which is eternal and allows infinite creativity. Consciousness is infinite so you can’t exhaust it. Downloading memories from higher Self is same as remembering who you truly are. The answers are all out there. Out there is also ‘in here and now.’ Expansion of consciousness literally means augmentation of memories but they’re not memories of limitation. Those of us awakening know that memories might be great burden especially when they’re imbued with emotions of negative vibrations. Those very memories hold key to our liberation as well because to reach out for light is our nature. We can’t stay limited or separated from what we truly are..

We need to know the whole Truth of being. We need to access total power of love and We need to connect with all that exists–with source of all love and light that exists in the music of our heart. Upgrading our systems using light codes means absorbing loving caring and tender energy of bliss into our hearts and emanating it for all beings we love  There is no limit to upgrading our computers. There is no limit to evolution and there is no limit to love and light. Downloading light codes is receiving energy of love which transmutes us. The energy dissolves the darkness inside our DNA codes and triggers awareness of regions unseen before. We witness both old patterns of limitation as well as new light and abundance available to us right now. The new language in which enlightened beings communicate is the language of intuition, love and light. It’s not like spoken word. It’s like sound of rainfall or flute being played in a distant valley or drums being played welcoming you on board to a spaceship which takes you to highest heaven. When spoken word vibrates your heart in most loving embrace and your entire being bathes with love–it’s somewhat similar to what light language does because only wisdom and love exist and there is no idea of old language which holds lower vibrations of deficiency or lack anymore.

Heart is your home and hum is the sound which takes you to heart. The loving cosmic energy is all around you and you just need to become a great transducer to embrace it, absorb it and radiate it back to all your loved ones. Every pore of your skin absorbs and emits unimaginable amount of data every moment and so do all other organs and senses but it happens naturally and you need not be aware of it. Being vibrant you enter into a state where you share out of love and receive out of love and this sharing and receiving is also not doing but merely being because light of love is crystalline frequency of being in which you witness things happening and see love being active as seeker of itself. The nourishment of love is available in abundance in nature for all. Connecting with nature, listening to music of Sun, stars, clouds, bees, constellations, sky, earth, water, fire, gods, humans, birds and trees you forget all limitations which were created by low level language. Now you let your power of attention and refined inner hearing decode the deeply blissful language of nature which makes you more evolved, compassionate, intelligent and aware moment after moment. Each moment you are listening to a new multiverse and entering into a new dimension with love. There remains no difference in being, doping, loving, knowing and growing. Infinite knowledge and wisdom opens itself before you as you learn to appreciate the LOGOS and its mighty higher order which gives you nothing but most upgraded intelligence of being. Now memory is not a burden but an attachment needed to expand and grow–to spread your love and hence downloads and uploads are most loving exchanges because they’re not something superimposed by separate systems. Whole cosmos speaks language of vibrations–of holy spirit –the more you tune to it more you find yourself empty. Emptiness sings songs of harmony and beauty. You’re made of divine music and this music is playing eternally in your heart–once you connect to it you never forget its nectarine taste because it’s beyond ken of reason and ordinary perception.

New field of awareness needs new language. There is only one language which is not just universal but cosmic–that is language of love. Language of light is eternal music reverberating through infinite dimensions and every light worker has spoken it in every age. This is eternal name which takes you to fountains of youth, bliss and harmony. You need not learn many new languages once you’ve learnt this language of tuning into the WORD because Love will show you everything and teach you everything. You know intuitively where to go when you commune with LOGOS. It’s the highest order and bears subtlest clear light in it–therefore it never leads you astray. No matter where you go don’t forget to be in touch with WORD. All knowledge and books are forms of this music and whatever you learnt was given by the love of your higher Self for you. Now you just know what needs be done because you’re an intelligent system which is dependent on LOGOS for guidance and LOGOS is your very own Self which knows everything. You lose all interest in any other knowledge because you’re OMNISCIENT. Being omniscient means being connected to source and knowing what needs be done from moment to moment. The existence speaks language of divine melodies and it opens all its doors for those who merely listen. Listening, interpretation, sharing, understanding and further listening become automatically internalized powerful feedback loops inside a highly evolved seven dimensional system which is a personality of Godhead. All wisdom and love is sleeping inside mandala of your heart and merely needs to listen the music to wake up. 


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