Recognizing Subtle Awareness and signs!

We need to recognize signs and miracles as they happen in our everyday lives. There are no miracles absolutely because entire existence is a grand miracle. The more we know more remains to be known–so a miracle or supernatural phenomena is something which follows higher law(logos) instead of following lower laws as we know them in form of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electromagnetism, Spirituality or our everyday understanding of being. In 2016, starting from August I had a strong urge to give myself challenges to test my enlightenment. I started recognizing many new synchronicities and kept recording them. They included my being capable of causing rains, causing movement of clouds, faster movement of Sun, faster movement of time as seen on digital instruments ans many more. I kept record of all these and they kept increasing until I died completely once more in November as described in other blog posts. We get more of what we reinforce–if we reinforce behavior of becoming more perceptive we tend to become more perceptive so we should keep recording these events as they increase our higher faith. Until I started healing people out of selflessness I didn’t get the cruxification and son-returning-to-father Christ experiences. I started interefing with  lower laws of nature in some way which resulted in my exciting dark spirits and thus getting burnt into alchemical fire. Hadn’t I witnessed being able to move clouds, Sun, time(psychological and digital) at will I wouldn’t have been able to realize that words of my masters were completely true–that I was truly beyond time and space–that universe was my body–that I was the world.

During my days in the fourth dimensional darkness–after second initiation–one day my uncle and his family also went to the same master who had perfection of lord Hanumana. Afterwards as they came back he was sitting in the porch of my house with my father tal;king. I was extremely vulnerable and shattered yet joined their conversation with courage. Among other things he said “It seems the master has a Djinn(Genie) tamed.” Because as we were talking about going to him before I saw that in night fan of my room and light were opened by some entity–whereas I remembered that they were switched off by me before going to sleep. I didn’t make much of it at that time as I had my cup full with negative supernatural stuff.

Now as I recall that I realize he was actually moving through parallel dimensions without being aware of them. Yesterday(24th of Feb 2017)–as I went to sleep I had my fan off and light switch was ON. I was listening to WORD–downloading, absorbing and integrating all love and light I had received throughout the day. I didn’t know when I fell asleep and when I woke up–I was surprised because though I felt energetic and blissful I had no memory of switching lights off but they were OFF and I had to switch them ON–I went out to washroom and saw time which was 12:00 AM–I had went to bed at about 10:30 and switched dimensions–moved into a parallel universe.

Usually we keep ugrading our environment as we meditate. You observe more life in leaves around you, better intense colors, more glow on your skin, more love towards all, better coordination, ability to accept yourself, better surroundings, health and so on. But how do you know it’s a different dimension or universe altogether? It needs some strong faith and strange altering experiences. I want to be in a Buddhaverse as shown in Sci-fi films or depicted in various Mandala literatures but that can’t appear instantaneously unless I have firm faith in it at all levels. It needs being very clear about what we need because we get what we truly want. Therefore sometimes it’s better to want nothing and need nothing because our highest self knows all about our needs and wants. Being open and aware you grow in intelligence and start recognizing subtle changes in yourself and environments. The changes like one example from yesterday night suggest that you move between parallel universes and give you conviction beyond doubt of your spiritual essence.

In 2012’s awakening I was broken and bed-ridden for six months- barely capable of taking my food and sleeping 18 hours a day with schizophrenia medicines. I was once on roof and depressed-suicidal I was taking sunlight in January-winter. My mom came to worship the deity which was out there in a circular stand. I kept observing her and in a moment it switched–I saw a couple of incense sticks burning where there were none. I had switched between parallel realities and I knew I was on right track though shattered and broken.

In another event my sibling took me to a marriage ceremony of relatives in the same time window. I rarely went outside since Kundalini had cracked open my body-mind and I died with expansion of heart seeing my rebirth as a child-of-love in Nov 2012. It might have been January or February 2012–I remember riding on back of bike with my sibling. He took a shortcut. I intuitively knew there was nowhere to go and it was a make-believe. He took me to some street and it seemed I fell semi-asleep. I saw great spectacle of white rays mingling with each other and everything else disappeared. These white rays somehow got manifested into a form of love and became the spot where we wanted to reach and I saw myself, bike, my sibling and others there. I had unconsciously witnessed teleportation, time-travel, inter-dimensional travel and so on in 2012.  With time I had many dreams and visions but I could retain only few of them until now.



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