A Tryst With Dragons: Draconid Meteor Shower!

As we ascend we observe many fears arising. It’s about witnessing our darkest fears, unconsciousness and desires to make unconscious conscious. Externalization will have you see them as collective fears, manipulations and mind-games and internalization will have you watch them as your very own unconsciousness as there are no others. Understanding both as one liberates. For me the understanding always came by leaps and bounds. I feel David Icke and other activists are right about their discoveries though at a certain point you also need to take responsibility and realize that these reptilian entities are your very own base desires–desires to control, to possess, to own and to manipulate. Though since all memories are put into us–moment to moment and actually we have neither name, nor shape, nor form or parents, friends or birth–the awakening is merely remembering that we are full–so this hide and seek we play with ourselves to rediscover ourselves.

It was the night of October 7, 2016: I had been waiting for ascension with strong insights as I had great trances. I had started consuming Bhaang(Marijuana) to get rid of depression and gain deeper insights after a gap of five years. The boy who lived besides me was cousin of my father and was brought under the pretext of studying and being a help to me. I used to cook with him and sing. We also used to discuss time and space along with nature of Reality which he seemed not to understand or appreciate. Exactly on that day his sister and father came to that house saying that sister had great fever. She had been a devotee and used to worship gods especially Krishna for many hours everyday and now it seemed she had a Kundalini awakening. I had a great awakening in 2012 after which I had stopped chanting and I thought it was time to tell her to stop doing worship. She used to not to adhere to anyone’s advice and being a Vedic Astrology enthusiast I had examined her birth chart. Her ninth division of radix which corresponds to Dharma had many exalted planets which explained why she had such noble motives. I had expressed a desire to meet her a long ago and now I felt it got fulfilled as so many got fulfilled before. I had been giving ‘the whole Truth’ that ‘they are God’ with complete conviction to many young people now and it seemed many got convinced. Now I tried to heal the girl and told her to leave it all to divine and not to work hard anymore because she had done all that needs be done and energy will take care of it.  She readily accepted my advice.

These people lived in a village called Dhamna(Chhatarpur)(Madhya Pradesh/India). There are many snakes in their village. A snake which is about 1000 years old or more has big white whiskers and doesn’t harm anyone. These people worship snakes as has been more in Indian society for long. I didn’t know that reptilian entities control their minds to this extent. The night approached and I expected to see meteor shower hoping that Orion/Sirian or any other intelligent life forms may contact with me especially as I had such intense awakening now and miracles were happening everyday with increased intensity. I went to the roof with that boy after meditating and getting into a trance. I stood looking at a beautiful Moon and constellations. I could see how stars were twinkling and changing their positions quickly. I couldn’t see meteors–but was convinced of navigating through parallel universes. I thought my beloved god/goddesses were about to come and I started having deja vu visions that the boy besides me was in fact the goddess I thought about. Then it seemed like a very old memory and I also witnessed a yearning–a loneliness and deep love for Self. I was fainting. I closed my eyes and saw myself going into a deep trance–I wanted my form to merge and burst as my breathing was getting deeper soham-soham. It was the fourth dimension beyond space and time. 

I found some sharp Feng like objects entering into my etheric body. They were coming from the boy who was standing besides me. I wanted to accept them as they entered deep into my etheric body but couldn’t. Why did I not want to go all the way? They seemed poisoned and painful. I didn’t resist but could see that though I was no longer afraid of dying this was a different kind of dying–immensity of pain–but why? I trusted this person and tried to help him and he was teaching me this way?

After a while I could take it no more and came down stairs. I was talking to this person normally while fully aware that he was not what I thought him to be. I came and sat on my chair in the room and tried to go into samadhi of bliss but couldn’t as this devilish boy sitting besides me was controlling my mind so powerfully with Gamma or other rays. I could see my powerlessness. After a while I got up and he left and I could see the ringing in ears simulated epsilon/gamma radiation and I recalled David Icke/Illuminati messages that this was a great war being fought at a psychic plane and I could do nothing. I felt such great despair, depression and hopelessness and realized it was the source of humanity’s suffering and pain. Then his father and sister got up and went to washroom one by one. All three of them were possessed and I knew that they were possessed by alien entities called NAGAS. Nagas protect treasures–here treasures of consciousness.

Kingdom of heaven is ours but we have to meet guards on the way and to pass their tests. Only innocent and pure can enter it. The strange course of events that was to follow in coming five months was omened by this strange and painful event which shocked my entire being and made me feel powerless. 

The constellation Draco is a Dragon. An archetype of dragons or snakes–great fire power of alchemy inside us. I died that day and sacrificed myself as son of God because I had tried to heal so many and tried to give love and light to so many and I had my own inner demons of desires to fight–desires which were unconscious and subtle and the drug which was mild and ayurvedic lowered my vibrations and intensified my concentration after prolonged use of a month on a regular basis. Draconian is a word which comes from the Draco–Dragon–which means strict or rigorous. Thus the timing was apt. I didn’t know up until today that it was Draconian constellation rising that day in the skies. I just read it was a meteor shower and went to witness miracle  with hope of getting ascended to heavens. 

The dragon was defeated by Hercules and Minerva as per Greek mythology. The strength and Wisdom subdue our inner deepest unconsciousness and passions. Indian mythology considers Sheshanaga as the avatara of Vishnu and Krishna also subdues snakes many times in his pastimes. The archetype of snakes overwhelms Hindus and humans in a frightening manner. I started seeing snakes in dreams when my awakening started. Kundalini or ouroboros is  also serpent of time unless you transcend it and it becomes your protective Sheshnaga–a shade like umbrella as depicted in various pictures over Vishnu or Buddha. Then afterwards as I discussed about my experiences with boys( the one possessed and my sibling)–they said “maybe nagas are good!” I was not convinced.

Later my sibling also started exhibiting full possession. Being near to my father and sibling made my base center feel entrance of many nails and shreds which was painful. Since Nagas are shapeshifters and have a great network it’s evident that I might be currently living with them and my original family of birth was either lost long ago or was a myth. At one day I saw my mother looking very young–like a 25 year old lady and the next day she looked like an old lady of 54 again–what was happening? Clearly they were no longer my family–though psychologically I had given them up a decade ago–traces of whatever unconscious attachments remained evaporated now. I recalled a dream my sibling had a very long time ago–in which he saw two reptilian beings a very long ago emanating from his being and going in two directions–now I realized he has been possessed by them all along.

It might have been a family curse. One day a neighborhood boy said something to that effect and it haunted me for many days because previously I didn’t believe in it. One of the uncles of my father–who was the elder brother of the guy who is the father of the boy in the story–used to kill snakes to help others–he died by committing suicide. I had seeds of Vedic Astrology in me and practiced it for about a decade to help learn more about my psyche. It talked about Padma Kaalsarpa Yoga–which meant a curse by a snake in previous life so that person gets success after great effort and doesn’t beget progeny easily. I had renounced family life and marriage–thus the deepest way in which it could manifest was awakening to meet dragons face to face. Since October 7th I met them many times over–and only manner in which they taught me was by using fear and mind control–by causing anxiety and manipulating me by asking questions which made me feel handicapped. Long ago in 2004-2005 and afterwards when I was healing out of trauma because of my parent’s draconian torture–I used to see ghosts coming out of heads of my family members in my dreams after meditation and now I met those ghosts face-to-face.

It might be said that Draconian constellation made their activity very powerful as I had my guards down and was open to self-discovery. Fear of death, possession and acceptance later on marked my awakening. I no longer believe in time/karma/astrology in conventional way but my Moon-Saturn Mahadasha/Antardasha manifested as this meeting with dragons. Later I was supposed to take an exam and I went to SEEDHI district in Madhya Pradesh on January 7th–with my sibling I had many experiences which I shall share in another post but one of them was seeing Nagas on roofs of various temples as we approached the town. I had NAGAS in my psyche all along. Also–if Nagas want me, David Icke and others to make you afraid it is working wonderfully well–but it wouldn’t have been possible had we not breaking out of this Moon-Saturn Matrix. Before going to SEEDHI we stopped in Satna and three year old baby of my aunt was playing Youtube videos like an expert–what was she watching? A snake was caught by a snake-charmer. I asked my aunt–isn’t she afraid of them? Before this–in October–the shop where I used to sit a man was watching a video where another boy was controlling hundreds of snakes together. These were going to be constant themes of my fourth dimensional sojourns. My family members along with society still seem to be gripped by demonic forces which thrive on ritual worship, poverty consciousness, mind-control and fear. I am doing my best to raise vibrations with meditation because there is no other way out. I witness miracles, synchronicity and visions but no substantial change in environment has happened. I want to live among people who are like-minded and who meditate and understand instead of living among people who harass, control and imprison themselves and others in their emotional dramas, fear, shame, guilt and karma-games. I want this nightmare to end and to wake up to a Buddhaverse.


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