An Experiment!

As I went for a small walk upstairs and witnessed Sun’s rays with loving kindness-its disc was moving rapidly. I heard altercation in neighborhood as I kept walking and turned my attention to loud chanting of OM AH HUM. I was feeling heavy as I had taken a heavy breakfast and it was already 11 o’ clock. I took a corner of roof with shade and decided to hear inner sounds which seemed mostly like chirping crickets and I decided to do this with open eyes to observe changes in the phenomena around me if any. I observed burst of sparks in the sky. It was continuous and I took note of it. It was a death stage in which fire dissolves into wind. It is called third stage in which individuating wisdom of desire is lost and inhalations weaken–notions dim out from one’s mind. Now as I kept meditating on inner sounds with covered ears I soon closed eyes and witnessed a cool blow of breeze on my skin and it felt very pleasant–my heaviness seemed to have gone by now and coolness took over my being. Now as I opened my eyes I saw sky becoming deep azure instead of grey azure as it was before. As soon as I observed this I also observed a meteor like vessel shooting right before me–it was going upwards and I instantly recognized it to be a spacecraft. The fourth death dissolution had taken me into space as wind energies got collected into the central channel and this results in loss of wonder-working wisdom. When you lose wonder-working wisdom and transcend space-time you observe wonders all around you as you are clinically dead but very subtle consciousness remains with its 80 instincts. Also observe how I reported observing radiant Sun which was “Radiance” stage of previous dimension. Thus you travel from dimension to dimension without being aware of it. The practice makes you capable of recording and mastering stages so that they can be made gradual and utilized for realizing higher self.

As soon as I observed the extra-terrestrial intelligence I also realized that its trail was peculiar in sense it was getting elongated and shortened by the moment. I remembered having seen many such crafts in my early childhood and wondered why they stopped as I grew up–it wasn’t that I had stopped looking at the sky–I had lost my extremely subtle consciousness for a while. Now I also remembered that when I was very much haunted by hostile dark forces in December 2016 I used to look up the sky and chanted with intense focus for many hours and it used to result in creation of beautiful cloud patterns and various crafts trail blazing through the space. There wasn’t even slightest of doubt that my chanting and those designs and crafts were immediately interconnected because whatever I observed in environment–be it barking of dogs, butterflies, buffalo ramblings, wind, harsh horns of vehicles passing by, a pair of parrots, a kingfisher or scornful voices of neighbors which reacted to each and every smile, blink, nod and thought of mine–were reflections of my being in the witnessing consciousness.

Without extending this post much I would encourage you to do experiments with covered ear chanting in open spaces and to observe changes. If you have done these experiments please feel free to share with me. Observing synchronicity and miracles(which are actually phenomena governed by logos–higher reason and law) reinforces behavior of getting more of them. Stages of death mastered create a meditation pattern for you which makes you realize how you die every day but don’t know about it. Doing something which is out of routine and yet meditative lets freshness of REALITY come into our experience. Actually we die every moment but we need to compartmentalize death in order to live meaningfully–therefore we need to achieve graduation of stages of death. Have you experimented with stages of death or observing spacecrafts in sky?


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