Darkness, Light, Visions and Spiritual Technologies

These are extraordinary times. I never ever felt like it was truly radical a shift in my surroundings and environment before. Now there is an unmistakable shift happening into a more spiritual dimension which is full of love, light, peace, intelligence, beauty, compassion and understanding. Darkness is most grim before the dawn of bliss, therefore as old patterns are breaking away and things which no longer serve our greater good are melting away we are feeling up and down every day and every hour of the day. To be stable to practice what needs be practiced is wise and to understand that basics don’t change as far as spiritual values are concerned is wisdom. If you need more power, more love and more compassion ask your inner self and it will be given.

This is a time of awakening as well as integration. Awakening is limitless so you might want to inculcate certain behavior patterns which are in accordance with flow and which lead you towards highest love and intelligence. Integration means being a whole as your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned well with your environment and with entirety of universe, multiverse, cosmos and absolute.

Anything which helps you stay calm and positive and increases your vibration is to be used as a means to develop higher functioning of your spiritual abilities because when darkness strikes at your door its total acceptance can’t be possible until you are in tune with all aspects of your being. Harmony between inner and outer must reflect in our environment because you’re not alone in this transition and very swift changes are taking place at levels you discern and don’t discern consciously and unconsciously. Since your conscious behavior patterns might obstruct your integration, radiation and absorption of light codes; you need to let this work be done when you sleep and dream. You will find that your angelic guides, masters, elders, higher self will help you in dreams and during sleep to integrate you well and help you evolve at a rapid rate. Unconscious meditation is very effective provided  you set intentions right and based on love and harmony. If you utilize every moment of your waking life for your enlightenment, for loving, nurturing, caring and grounding yourself you will feel great while you dream too. Gradually as base matter turns into the gold you will feel great and will be in tune with your universal and cosmic friends. With every passing day you will find higher vibrancy and it will be easier to maintain the higher vibrations and difficult to retain old patterns.

I am grateful to all enlightened masters who predicted this new era and having wondered for so long about times when we will really be in contact with great intelligence across times and spaces now I feel we are on a great adventure of eternal self-discovery. I used to think that my existence was very ordinary and the advanced scientific and technological voyages shown in various movies and predicted by great thinkers were not going to take place in my life-time(whenever I considered myself a person in wisdom-recollections because this personality has been disintegrated and reintegrated many times over). Now it seems that I will be part of these voyages-inner and outer and they are going to be for all who are willing and working on themselves. As Win Wenger says “a rising tide lifts all the ships.”

I always had an yearning of going beyond the mundane. To liberate myself from what was everyday tyranny of repeated pleasures, pains and fears. I wanted to live in a pure land where there is no anger, hatred, desires or passions for harming others. Where beauty, intelligence, harmony and order are natural and not to be sought after. Where  you need not till to survive and work fruitlessly to repeat old patterns to control others or be controlled by others. Where you yourself are absolute. You yourself are God. And you have only your very own self around you in form of friends, family, trees, nature, adventures, dreams, beauty, intelligence, creativity and harmony. I used to think that my surroundings will be changed magically one day and I will find myself among super-intelligent light-beings. This intense yearning used to stay for a while and then I used to find myself in old environments repeating old patterns of behavior after each awakening though getting a slight glimpse of how much more beautiful it can be only through dreams and visions. I always thought it would either be me being taken away on a star-ship or merging into a column of light. Sometimes I wanted immediate destruction of body considering the old teachings that body was the source of all troubles. I even prayed with all my heart to leave the body and all its baggage. The earth life was so difficult that every time it was a journey from pain to pain with only a few moments of bliss in between. To feel that it was not just my pain or to feel that it was- is one and the same thing because either way you have to accept it. Conscious surrender means liberation of trapped energy into bliss as your light grows and unconscious forced surrender happens when you have tried all you could to alleviate it. In any case it is same–surrender to the flow. Transmutation.

The shape this transmutation had to take was the up-gradation of my environment  as my awakening started to happen. First I felt a sense of liberty from being compelled to live a life of serving strange repetitive patterns of competing meaninglessly with others knowing well fully that all possessions were transitory. Then I found liberated from a family which was based on give and take materials. Then I found liberated from similar material relations with friends where love got trapped into lower vibrations as soon as any significant stability was found. Of course money was the prime focus and I never thought its utility more than that of energy to sustain our bodies and minds towards greater bliss, truth and light. In that sense I incapacitated myself because having no competitive urge to protect either money or possessions I had I left myself in divine hands of logos of life. Then I liberated myself from myth of saviors who knock at your door if you pray hard enough because it was myself who had to walk and run away from darkness of oppression and fear as manifested in me and around me. Then I liberated myself from socio-religious orders and spiritual hierarchies by trusting my intuition and wisdom. Breaking away from each of the patterns above seemed to create greater turmoil in my life but it all seemed relatively easier to witness it. The final breaking away was from illusion of Karma, Death and Rebirth. As I died again and again and again to enter into the void I met all spiritual entities and saw all forms which were buried under deep unconsciousness. My environment became magical and love universal. All things started speaking to me as some of them I cherished and others I overlooked. Then I had to liberate myself from idea of egotistical enlightenment and understand true nature of reality which I had only reflected upon intellectually thus far. This meant being a clean slate and taking full responsibility for my past, present and future with infinite life, infinite mind and infinite time at my disposal.

This awakening shot me into a new era where I found myself surrounded by so many beautiful beings. As money liquidated into energy the realization that a new earth had already emerged became crystal clear. Purification of my body, mind and spirit rapidly started happening with the purification of environment. I was unable to retain memories except a few words from I AM THAT, from spiritual friends and some very inspiring scenes from movies which guided me towards fifth dimension such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Dr. Strange and David Lynch’s Inland Empire. I kept feeling that I was in a simulated environment being prepared for a voyage on a star-ship. Everyone around me had clairvoyance, clairsentience  and wisdom  along with capability to tap into akashic records. Though my rigid environment wanted me to behave morally and spend all my energies one-pointedly in finding out about my true home–I took liberty to experiment a bit and break-away from rigid patterns of morale which were not based on equality. Extreme fluidity of consciousness has made audio-visual representation of all my thinking  and feelings spontaneous thus reinforcing overwhelming reality of actuality where interconnections of life forms is not merely wishful thinking or an abstraction. It means as soon as there was anything which was old, repetitive or lower form of vibration –a reaction in my mind–I saw immediate changes in my environment removing dependency on karmic delays for upgrading behavior patterns for enlightenment. Downloading, uploading and recollection is not merely limited to computers–as we herald into a new era of being able to use our minds like computers for increasing light.

A grave delusion which prevented my smooth voyaging into light for many days was abysmal belief that there were no unenlightened entities. I knew when I entered into the void that this darkness was infinite and as infinite in that dimension as light was because I was the light. When I asked a friend–“is it like Jesus doing arm-wrestling with Satan?” He said ‘yes.’ Then because my heart knot wasn’t completely unraveled(chant OM AH HUM to unravel it–don’t be idle if you find yourself in the void one day!) I asked him–what difference does it make whether i play from the side of Satan or Jesus? It was actually my overwhelming love for absolute freedom for all minus insight which could let me look beyond the narrow societal structure of fear and control at that time in the environment which was going through the upheaval. Since I was given great importance and invited to play this game of light creation I did feel ‘exalted’ because in my heart I knew that I was as important as everyone else because no separation exists. Because of intellectual-emotional obscurations I had forgotten that I had so much light in me that superficial urge to play from Satan’s side was merely a wave on the surface of ocean. Immediately I was shown a few friends who highlighted my shortcomings as if magically reading all my karma. I would say they were Karma lords in human shape and came in guise of my friends. They showed that I had fearlessness to do anything to go to light but my habitual disdain for non-veg food and alcohol would not let me truly feel at home with those school-time friends. This established in me that path of darkness was not for me though energy of chaos could be transmuted into light with wisdom and loving care. I had read about end-of-times and apocalyptic wars and also understood that these wars actually meant fight between good and evil inside your mind but never truly witnessed it at such a grand scale before. Now it was all over the place–I was on my own and doubt and bliss of infinite freedom together stroked me hard. I realized that this was the apocalypse I had long read about. This was the cosmic dissolution and times were being calibrated again for me. I no loner believed that I was 31 years old because I had lived eons in the very few days–so I felt eternal. This was me facing pitch darkness(unconsciousness remnant from previous incarnations) and emerging into the light by grace of Self. This light came to me by grace of Self. By grace of light, by grace of I AM THAT, Tibetan Book of The Dead, by grace of spiritual friends, by grace of Kuan Yin, by grace of architects of cosmic dissolution. I witnessed magnified forms of my own desires, anger, hatred, delusion and greed on cosmic scale whenever I read news, watched TV or met anyone.

At place of relatives and at material home of parents I was not able to digest overwhelming sense data presented to me. Since everything was interconnected and though my intent for self-discovery gave me courage to surf deeper into the ocean my compassion for the body-mind wanted me to return back to the seclusion of sacred loving heart of light. Actors talking on TV were talking so rapidly that I found it difficult to follow as witnessing made time slow down for me. Relatively changeless background will always find things many and moving at a rapid rate. If in the new dimensions you cultivate life force and logos you will not find them too fast but then your witnessing of miracles would also slow down a bit because fluidity has changed into solidity of harmony in a higher dimension. That is why some of you who already are in 5th, 6th or 7th dimension never witness magic and miracles of 4th dimensions. Those beings can’t see you in dreams or in waking life. In sleep and in absolute all is light. At once I was watching a video-recording of a ceremony in which I previously participated. I had firm conviction that beings who were around me were more evolved and entire set-up was for my education–especially for clearing my root and heart chakras but my situation was that of a seeker who wanted taste of reality and was afraid of it and also was deluded to consider his insights to be perfect enlightenment. As I sat there they made it apparently clear that I was the youngest being there who didn’t knew symbolic or silent transmission language they spoke. They all looked like my relatives and still do–the youngest kid who looked like two year old baby was my ‘identity’ into that reality and as I watched video-recording of marriage I recalled David Lynch’s Inland Empire and its message of darkness(light) and self meeting itself–the great visual depiction of witnessing consciousness.

All manifested things were myself and in the video I found all characters live–as if in the 3rd dimensional reality marriage was taking place ‘now’ and my personal instincts made me attached to some forms and detached from some others. I could clearly witness that conversations in the hall where we watched those scenes were directly addressed to my instincts and feelings and great cleansing of my root and heart chakra was taking place. All those days I felt being a lady or a goddess or a prostitute but on the same hand I was supposed to behave as an adult male who was 31 years old. At the time of the show my identity was that of the two year old baby. The baby kept pointing to outside to confirm my anxiety about being in REALITY and urge to run towards three-dimensional reality. Being everything is simple but handling an adult male, a baby, an oppressed goddess and an absolute gnani(knower of reality) seemed too much of a task at once. This was the free-association happening in the astral realm where fear was overwhelming and love was hiding in deep corners of heart. Every instinct which came to surface immediately associated with the on-screen presentation of the same. For example if I felt attracted to a beautiful girl there will be happy baby who will start drinking milk. If I felt disgusted at my instincts towards being attracted to a girl at the same time considering myself a baby and a realist–I will be shown non-veg food and my root chakra will burn with intense fire. Thus subtle layers of my own subconscious, unconscious and conscious were being witnessed during that show, in other mystery school journeys and in later environments. What it did was to show me layers of karma which get created and recreated by miraculous memory(consciousness) and witnessing it all burnt my light brighter thus increasing the light of collective though I felt immensely horrified at times.

Your evolution might not have taken such courses because every evolution is unique but in some ways it will be similar as your subconscious imagery will speak in a language you clearly understand as you go deeper and deeper into meditations. In every case it’s exploring your unconsciousness using your conscious and subconscious minds to uncover inland empire of deep layers of eons of karma of humanity and totality. The archetypes are from eternal mind and patterns are from your subconscious which takes its energy from conscious and which takes its light from witnessing consciousness, which is, absolute in manifestation. You are absolute–the light which makes it all possible. And the layers you uncover using technology(tantra) developed by your higher self–by beings in the fifth, sixth, seventh and dimensions beyond in light. I hope these meditations and sharing of insights and my inner journeys will help you in your own enlightenment.        

Whether you realize it or not all interactions are ‘live’ now. Live interactions are live in as much intensity as you are present while interacting and recorded ones are live because you are always aware that time and space depend on thinking and you are beyond time and space. Witnessing calmly and with love all around you and in you takes you beyond time and space and then whatever you do is imbued with love and intelligence. This new age of miracles has shown who your true friends are–all those who help you master yourself. All those who give you an inspiration to be compassionate and all those who restore your faith in your innate and ever present perfection are light-workers–your true friends because they have reached home of love and light. Material changes follow spiritual changes, so as you’ve already witnessed immensity of all-round change so far–have patience and keep doing what truly pleases your highest self(imagine having reached to the ultimate dimension–a perfectly enlightened being–how will you like to live minus constraints of present environment which are based on fear and ego and are melting rapidly) and very soon you will find manifestation of your highest dreams so far. There will be more dreams, more desires, more visions because perfection is infinitely perfectible. There will be more courage to live a life which you dreamed when you were in the dark. The infinite energy to discover, learn, explore, love and dream is part of reality and your identity. With much love and light to all of you!       


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