Radiation and Absorption for Integration

Whatever you think, speak or do is a radiation for totality. It has always been so–now after awakening you realize it more than ever. All words you think, write and all expressions via body, mind and speech are radiations. If you feel you belong to a community of light workers, angels, humanity, star-seeds or gods–your expressions, your creativity is connecting you to the mind-continuum of those very beings across time and space. Absorption is receiving words, light-codes, energy in all its possible forms from all existence. If you feel you belong to a certain group you will receive light from them. The actuality of radiation and absorption–the interconnections of various forms of consciousness and dependent arising of all phenomena becomes overwhelming and then enlightening as you awake towards your full-potential.

Every awakening is a unique flowering of consciousness. It’s wise to consider yourself blessed and grateful still willing to walk on your own feet. The help and support are present at every step still the conventional patterns of thinking are very likely to draw you towards the same lower frequency vibrations which created ruts for you before. Try something new and use all your resources, all your wisdom, all your intelligence to create something new–to bring some light to those corners of your heart which have been dark for eons. By doing so you are not just enlightening a single heart. Don’t say that you don’t have enough resources–because dwelling on scarcity will perpetuate the mindset which doesn’t let you look at unique abundance of love, joy, intelligence and wisdom at your doorstep, in your heart, all around you. 

Let old ideas about everything go and let love and light come-in. Let them come in through the emotional scars, physical scars and spiritual scars. Witness the miracle of transformation as it’s happening all around you. Gone are the days when needed to liberate yourself alone because there were no people who spoke your language. Now there are so many and though they might not say same things they have all been fighting their battles. Now is the time to forgive yourself and to walk earnestly towards light. Love is yours to be taken. You are love and light of the world. Shine your love and let everyone dance in that light. All that you felt was necessary to be here. All that you will feel is necessary to be here. You will always be here, in love and in light. Home is where the heart is. The balance is in loving yourself as much as you love others because there are no others separate from you. Mortification is no longer needed to be wise. Wisdom is creating abundance of compassion, love and light so that nobody remains alienated. As you were helped in times when you needed it so will you be helped always when you need it. Being creative, sincere, playful and balanced is needed to live in the new world of light. If you are looking for an alternate reality where everything including your immediate environment is heavenly–it’s up-to you to create it with love or die trying for death is a beginning of new life. All your desires including the desire to give up all desires will be fulfilled on the way. Your self is already perfect and invites you on this infinite journey of self-discovery.

Radiate love, kindness, silence, truth, harmony and freedom in body, mind and speech and receive only the same because that is what you deserve. The ways you already know or you will invent based on what you have–the need is to have firm conviction and faith in your worth and in giving your everything for whatever you love the most.  





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