The art of converting light!

Awakening can be beautiful and traumatic at the same time. I found ‘The Tibetan Book of The Dead’ at a time when I was going through most intense Dark Night of The Soul. I feel I experienced dark entities, angels, dharmapals and various friends who guided me through. Where I am right now is beyond ordinariness of space-time as you–the reader is co-creating this reality to transmute the  reality you’re in, by developing a serving attitude–a Bodhichitta–an intentional action to create a more loving, abundant, joyous and beautiful cosmos by being yourself. Life, death and living are one–you need to master this and keep this in mind in order to truly live and shine your light for others. From my immediate experience and recollections of wisdom I can tell that your life-situation is changing–constantly as you’re awakening. Even if you’re going through a very difficult phase–hold your ground and don’t give up–light is bound to come. Moreover, you can read inspiring books and meditate. I highly recommend reading I Am That, Power of Now and The Tibetan Book of Dead along with other spiritual books that help you.There are a few techniques I find very useful to protect yourself in the fourth dimension. One-pointedness is a must in order to evolve further–no matter where you find yourself right now. Chanting a mantra constantly(by allotting a bandwidth to it) is one of the techniques. Your heart center needs to be clear in order to let light shine through you. Integration on levels will happen provided you listen to your heart and keep focussing on mantra. Don’t let your mind get distracted by surroundings–as soon as it does–bring it back on mantra. Being in a calm environment and using head-phones or earplugs which feed a good healing mantra into your body-mind also gives you good energies for integration–then you need to chant a mantra to clarify your heart center. A mantra like OM AH HUM or OM Mani Padme Hum will clear your intellectual and emotional obscuration. Whatever you chant goes to your environment and creates your surroundings as well as various layers of body-mind. So speak positive things and speak mantra internally at all times–this heals you and all those around you! Covering your ears and chanting mantra helps you transcend time-space and then you can focus even more on mantra. Thus one-pointedness will increase. This will increase light in your body and make you feel blissful. Patience, perseverance and positive intentions are keys for generation of light and its maintenance. Listening to divine word should always be done. It’s inside you at all times but gets activated when there is collection of wind-energies by using a mantra. ( breathing techniques done with one-pointedness also create transcendence of time-space) At the time of high energy crisis–you need to love yourself. Love every aspect of yourself and accept it. Open your heart by being aware that there are many beings  who need light like you. That, there’s a great evolutionary possibility of gaining immense light by earnestly doing anything that takes you to it. Do visualization practices and be grateful for what you have. Being grateful to your friends, especially spiritual friends and gurus makes you capable of rising above limitations of environments. Remember your spiritual friends and guides and keep doing positive for yourself and others. Radiation part of light is chanting and thinking and absorption part is “pure listening” with covered ears. Radiation part does two things: it allows you to connect with infinity of light beings across various dimensions,universes and realms–opening your heart center fully and pure listening integrates energies you receive back from them into your body and mind. The mantra recitation makes you capable of sending light rays of love and positivity to all light beings as well as those who are in distress. In-turn you get more light back and when pure-listening and surrender-meditation are practiced you absorb these light rays–play of darkness and light gets imprinted into higher consciousness and your body-vessel becomes an integrated divine manifestation of love. We will keep talking through these pages–I thank all of you and Kuan Yin for being there for me. May we all shine our light as we evolve further! Love and light to you!


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