The eight dissolutions and Kabir

The Tibetan Book of The Dead helped me sail through various realms and I am trying to learn about technicalities to deal with life’s in-betweens. Mystic poet Kabir created eight realms in his depiction of multiverse(cosmos).The following are names given by the sage which tally, in my humble opinion, with eight stages of death as told in the Tibetan Book of The Dead: 1. Earth—>Water [This is suggested to be And(Egg) by Kabir: Physical body] 2. Water—>Fire [ This is called Pind(matter)] 3. Fire—>Wind[ (space)Bramhand–cosmic egg] 4. Wind—>Space [Parbramh[beyond space] 5. Space—>Luminance[Sachkhand/Truth realm]  6. Luminance—>Radiance[Undescribable] 7. Radiance—Imminence[Unreachable]8. Imminence—>Translucency[Unnameable]


2 thoughts on “The eight dissolutions and Kabir

  1. When we align with the art of living and dieing well and step away from fear as you are beautifully learning to do turning our cup upside down each night before we good to sleep becomes a source of great peace. So it is, so it was and so it will always be. For those who learn the art of living and dieing well are but a few who truly learn to live in the now. Great work, wonderful journey your on Anand, be well, sincere regards, best wishes, Barry

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    1. Thanks for all your kind remarks Barry. In your writings I find a great counsel and friendship. Many thanks for the Youtube video link on Alchemy journey on your blog. Have a great time ahead. Love and light!


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